My Life

My Current Writing Projects

As many of you know, I have always had a passion for creative writing; I love to take myself out of reality and explore new worlds found in my imagination, even if it is for a brief time. I am always found with a notebook and pen in hand. I always try to be prepared  for when ideas strike. My fingers twitch with to write the tales of characters, both new and current, day or night. I ride the wave and see where it takes me. 

Now with a masters degree on the horizon, I have set myself a mission to improve and complete some current projects. You can find out more about these by visiting my other website, Sophie Creates.

Main Project

At present, my biggest and ongoing project is my fantasy-fiction novel that I am currently turning into a trilogy. I feel that fantasy is a forte of mine, and I love the freedom it gives in terms of worldbuilding. I also believe it enables me to test the boundaries of the fictional world, the characters in them, and the strength of my storylines. Characterisation is important, and I yearn to see things from my characters perspective as I imagine their scenorios, troubles and conflicts. This helps me to guide them through their harsh world, overcome obsticals and beat the odds.

After I have completed the trilogy, I am also planning on writing novellas for my fantasy project from the different perspective of various characters. It will also develop on their backstory, fears and own struggles outside of the novel. 

Side Projects

I am also working on realistic fiction. In these stories, I touch upon current issues in a different way to my fantasy pieces. Examples of the struggles my characters undergo are: physical abuse, sexual abuse, family dynamics, grief and adventures as they search for a way out of their perdictiment. Many of the characters will be children, but sometimes ambitious adults or young adults too. Realistic writing is an interesting and new area to dip my pen into and find the person or people behind these realists stories.  

Beside these, I also aim to write an autobiography series of stort stories based on my own life. Writing has always been a sanctuary for me; the trials of coping with cerebral palsy: the several put downs I have recieved from people using my disability as an excuse, the stereotypes I have had to fight, the bullies I have had to overcome. Additionally, the loves, betrayals and challenges I have faced, including transfering from university. Finally, my latest and deepest pain; leaving my mom and how that has shaped me. 

 I have been able to express myself in my writing and I have felt this is an opportunity to transmit my life into the the world of fiction, spicing them up a little, of course.  

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