Changing Places Reviews

‘Changing Places’ Derby Arena

Recently when watching a friend graduate, I visited Derby Arena. Although I knew there was a standard disabled toilet available on my last visit the year before there had not been a ‘Changing Places’ facility. My friend had informed me this had changed but given it wasn’t shown on the app I was hesitant about this visit as would need two people to assist me if it was only the standard disabled toilet available.

On arriving we double-checked the outer lobby as could not see the ‘Changing Places’. We then checked with a member of staff who pointed us through the doors into the arena and round to the right past another set of standard disabled toilets. It was marked with the sign ‘‘Changing Places’’ but didn’t have the visual symbol. The facility did have a radar key lock which provides enhanced security as ensures only those who need to use of the facility can get in. The cleaner offered us a radar key to use but we had our own with us so could gain access.

It was a spacious facility with plenty of space to move around and fit the appropriate equipment. The changing bed, the adjustable sink and the toilet with handlebars either side of it, allowing the disabled user to feel balanced when transferring. The equipment was evenly spread out ensuring ease of use. Cleanliness of the facility was very good and was well maintained.  There was not a showering facility (although this is more an added bonus) but there was a screen of privacy which I used to shield myself while using the toilet facilities.

There was a changing bed for those disabled users who are need of one with plastic sheeting that can be ripped off to ensure cleanliness can be maintained between uses. The ceiling hoist was left on a charging dock and was in working order. It was a small h-track that only went across part of the room but allowed access to all equipment.

This facility is not visible on the official app but is definitely there and if you are at Derby Arena or nearby this is definitely in use to you. Make sure to take your own sling and ask any member of staff for directions.

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