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Masters in Creative Writing – University of Derby


The third University I researched into was University of Derby. My friend has studied both her undergraduate degree and her Masters degree there and has enjoyed it. 
So, I decided to research into the MA Creative Writing degree I saw that the MA taught Creative Writing course is known to have 100% satisfaction of students  for the quality of the course. This was a big factor to me. 

Course Outline

The course covers the strength of texts while we look at the power of language in both texts and to use in our own writing while offering a range of tutor and peer-led opportunities to produce own projects as well as new writer. The course allows writers to develop in areas such as prose, poetry, life writing, creative non-fiction and script-writing. The course enables students the flexibility to study in more than one writing form or genre, or focus on a single project. All of which have focus on employability while receiving advice and guidance from tutors and guest writers. 

There is also three additional pathways that students can study; Ghostwriting, Gaming and Publishing. These three pathways as well as the core modules are specifically designed to suit their purpose and are also linked. The course pays attention to detail in each module as well as developments in the industry such as trends and innovations. 

Along with the modules, the course also offers the opportunity to undertake arranged work experience in the arts or in communication industry. Throughout the duration of the course, students will be able to participate in workshops and build a portfolio of their own creative work to use for future purposes. It also offers a progression into PhD level. 
The modules on this course is subject to change as it is dependent what is relevant in the industry. 

Core Modules 

One year of study is broken down into three semesters, participating in workshops where criticing other peers work and develop creative work in smaller group apprenticeships which is definitley a useful technique to have both to benefit personally as well as helping others. Finally in the summer completing work on individual projects. In the autumn semester everyone takes:

  • Writing Workshop (20 credits)
  • Working as a Writer (20 credits)

Then one of the following modules from the MA Publishing:

  • Books and Society (20 credits)
  • Editorial and Editing (20 credits)

Depening on the content of the two core modules in the autumn semester, I think I would chose to study the Books and Society module.  

In the spring trimester your module choice depends on your pathway. Everyone takes:

  • Writing Apprenticeship (20 credits)

Everyone chooses between:

  • Writing Commission (20 credits)
  • Work Experience (20 credits)

Again, my decsion will be on based on content of the latter two modules. But my instinct is to choose the work experience module as this may help me get a foot into the industry and help me with networking. 

As regards to pathway modules they are:

  • What is the Imagination For? for MA Creative Writing
  • Ghostwriting for MA Creative Writing (for Ghostwriting)
  • Writing for Digital Games for MA Creative Writing (for Gaming)
  • Magazine Publishing for MA Creative Writing (with Publishing)

These modules all present new and exciting prospects but I would possibly lean towards What is the Imagination For? for MA Creative Writing. 

Finally, in the summer semester everyone chooses between:

  • Independent Project
  • Research Project 

I would hear about the modules see the positives and negatives of both options but I think I would chose to complete the independent project. I would be open to writing in different forms and genres elsewhere but for my independent project I think I need to be certain and confident in the form and project I am writing.  


University of Derby became an option for me following my friend’s recommendation and I like the look of the campus from when I went to look at it when I was studying my undergraduate degree. It is a good and quite nice to look at and wholesome. On this visit, I found I had access to all of the available services with staff members at hand to assist with any queries as well as a good library system. I felt the University was small enough not to be overwhelming but still offered many opportunities to pursue. Although, I felt the impact and ’the feeling’ more at De Monfort University and other Universities I had been into.

The distance on the train is not very much more than the distance to Leicester. This is a reasure as it allows me more flexibility with managing my time and work as well as being able to travel to and from for any meetings and appointments outside of classes. 

Overall Thoughts

Though I didn’t visit the campus this time round, I do remember it well and the campus would be a nice one to study at. I didn’t like the accomadation too much when I orginally there but I wouldn’t have to worry about it, commuting from home.

The members of the University teams was very nice and helpful, my concern is this particular masters degree. Although I did not speak to a course tutor about the course and I did like the look of the course, I found the modules quite intense and a lot to digest.     

University of Derby is a good University and offers a good course but I don’t think I can manage such intense modules.  


Unfortunately, I am going to proceed with looking at other Creative Writing degrees and University of Derby is not an option for me to consider when enrolling in MA.  

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