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Tibbatts Abel

After finishing University and while I was deciding what to do next, my dad offered me a job at Tibbatts Abel as their Social Media Coordinator. As everyone at Tibbatts Abel is very busy with their own workload they need someone full time to be solely based around their social media, keeping the social media platforms updated and frequently posting on their blog. I think it’s a great chance for me to get back into the world of social media and blogging in a professional capacity as its been a few years since I last did it while working for PHAB and Sports Recovery. It would allow me to get my teeth into something new as I promote Tibbatts Abel recent architectural projects and venue openings.
I have the opportunity to post about relevant Tibbatts Abel designs in across the UK and beyond while contributing my own ideas. As I don’t know much about the industry myself, I may find this challenging and I will have to keep in touch with the rest of the team at Tibbatts Abel and make the blog as accurate as I can, to reach readers and potential clients for the company. I am nervous about this but I am sure I will grow in confidence as I learn on the job. I am eager to learn how this industry operates as I write fresh new posts on the blog and update the social media for Tibbatts Abel. Giving it a vibrant feel, featuring creative content and high-quality photographs on each post and staying close to what is catching people’s eye – all the while showcasing what Tibbatts Abel does on a daily basis.
While working for Tibbatts Abel I hope to launch the new style in the blog and social media platforms also capturing the original essence of what Tibbatts Abel set to achieve. I hope to keep them professional as we are showcasing their work. I also hope to make the posts personal so potential clients and readers can see see the people behind the company. I intend to keep it in regular touch with each member of the team to be constantly fed information which I can carefully construct into effective posts. This all so we can keep the overall website going to show our latest projects and future work. I am hopeful that we can post a range of content on the blog and social media platforms including previous current and future jobs as well as providing more information about the company itself and what makes it tick.
I am really pleased that I have accepted this position at Tibbatts Abel as Social Media Coordinator.

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