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Why you should read, follow and share The Life of Sophie Abel

Hi, and this is a blog about me, Sophie Abel, and my life. The good, the bad and the challenging.

From this post onwards, my blog posts are officially current. As my blog hits the new year, I decided to look back on why I started this blog to begin with.

So who am I and why should you care?

First and foremost, I am a novelist and short story writer. My debut book, a collection of two short stories, has recently been published on iBooks and Lulu (who also offer a printed copy). It will be available on Amazon and other E-readers within the next week or so. ~Pst… there may be a giveaway soon! 😉

I am also an aspiring radio journalist with experience producing and hosting my own radio show at the De Montfort University. So it is safe to say, I have a passion for media and creativity, which you will find by reading my posts.

I also have Triplegia, a type of cerebral palsy where three limbs, (my left hand and legs) are affected. This has given me challenges and obstacles to overcome and overall made me a strong and persistent person.

The main aim of my blog

The aim of my blog is for me as a disabled person to reach out to people and express how I feel about things and problems and challenges that I face in my life.

I also hope my blog raises awareness and makes people more knowledgeable about the lives of disabled people and feel like they understand us better, becoming wiser to what we deal with in day to day life.

I am still working on updating my blog on a regular basis with current things that I go through in the world of disability.

Examples of this consist of how I feel about taxis or Cross – Country trains or how I feel toward people who are somewhat ignorant towards the disabled community and their attitudes and how these cause real hurt and offence to me.

I get contacted and told about how people feel, that it’s eye-opening and put across effectively. Some people, who see it via my social media, read and share it on their own so it can be read and acknowledged by the people on their social media.

One of the examples I have written; I was able to get it published as an article via the Leicestershire Press which I wrote about Donald Trump, the US President’s treatment of a disabled reporter, Serge Kovaleski, and how his comments and mimicking of the reporter was unacceptable and how his actions can also offend other disabled people.

We need to be heard! Only then can there be changes #MYLIFEBLOG #Disability #Voice #Equality

What posts should you expect on The Life of Sophie?

Film Reviews:

With love of media has come the love of films, so you can expect to see a series of film reviews on The Life of Sophie, from the Greatest Showman to Maleficent 2: The Mistress of Evil, Everything Everything and Adrift.

Maybe you prefer to read reviews before you go to see the film. Maybe reviews are the way you like to reconnect to your favourites, or something you read after your recent visit to the cinema.

My film reviews are perfect for any film buff, whether you are the latest stan to that new actor, or the critique who loves seeing others opinions.


My university posts will offer you many insights into university life and what it was like for me. It is a series and sub series of posts any student would be sad to miss!


A sub series on my university posts. My radio experience, how I started, what I achieved, the challenges and much more. This is a story of how I produced my own radio show, and co-hosted others.

University and Disability:

One of my sub posts will discuss my journey as a disabled student and what that entailed. From carers to class support, societies to representation. And of course, the night life! This sub series is perfect for the first year student terrified of university and how their disability may cause issue. It is also great for the students who want to see how others cope, and of course, those who are curious, because this curiosity does not kill the cat!


This sub series will talk about my course and experience at university that is not related to my disability, such as the DMU elections! That was a massive hiccough and disappointment. You can also follow my three-year journey, what I have learned, and what I have taken from this experience.

This is a series of posts on why I #LoveDMU

Restaurant Reviews & Theatre Reviews

I often write restaurant reviews, trying to cover a range of restaurants in different cities, commenting on disability access, awareness, staff responses as well as reviewing the dishes and beverages. I try and expand where I visit and where I review all of the time.

Continuing with the entertainment and reviews section, I also include a handful of theatre reviews which I hope appeal to you all too.

Attractions and Travel

This is a series of reviews on attractions I visit, and challenges while travelling. Are they accessible? What could they improve? What are the challenges I face and how much time do I need to make sure that everything is in order.

Disability Challenges Series:

Like the university one, this also has a sub-series, from the troubles with taxi drivers, trains and other transports, to the changing places toilets that have only recently started to crop up in public places.

Significant Life Events

My final series of posts will look at significant life events: The good, the bad and the challenging.

Ranging from graduation, to the death of my mom and the challenge of life since.

This series of posts will really let you know what is inside my head.

Now what should you do?

If any of these series of posts interest you, then you need to follow me. On wordpress (foot of page), Facebook and Twitter. Then look ay some of my posts!

Wish to contact me?

If you would like to give me any feedback or have any comments about my current posts, I am always eager to hear from you. I would love to hear what you think so I could create and develop more effective content that you as my readers want to see.

Thank you to all of my loyal followers and readers! Bye for now.

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