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Demon Magazine – Entertainment Editor Application

Having graduated from De Montfort University with a 2:1, I started to look for jobs. At the time of my search, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do and decided on the idea of pursuing a master’s degree possible at De Montfort University. This then led to the idea of becoming the entertainment editor of The Demon magazine at De Montfort University for the next academic year. I had very much enjoyed working for Demon FM last year and wanted to continue to be a part of the Demon family.
I started to fill out my application to become the entertainment editor of The Demon magazine. I wanted to use my experience of writing an entertainment section of my own blog in this role – covering a number of topics from film reviews, TV reviews and theatre reviews; taking the reader on a journey with each piece and having the reviews make a lasting impression on the reader. I felt like I had the relative experience for the role as I keep an active blog with a strong focus on reviews of the entertainment industry which I could then use for the role, making sure we would keep the magazine and the online platform up-to-date with the latest entertainment reviews. I wanted to encourage students to write pieces on areas of entertainment they felt strongest about. I could combine my skills and their skills in managing the overall construction, harnessing everyone’s talents and presentation of this editorial section in the magazine while working to strict deadlines to make sure our contribution as the entertainment editors would be a high standard to contribute to this very strong everlasting magazine.
Submitting the application I was very nervous about my decision but I was pleased that I applied and awaited a response. I was happy to be contacted via email to say that my application was a success, and I would be moving onto the next stage. I was invited to attend an interview which could be completed face-to-face on campus or via a phone call or via Messenger on Facebook.
Excited for the interview I was very nervous but I tried to use these nerves to benefit me in my interview. I knew my nerves could be heard in my voice but I pushed forward and answered the questions as best as I could with the nerves but also with the passion I felt and feel for writing for the ’The Demon’ particularly in the entertainment section. Throughout the interview, I ensured that I showed my personality as it is important to show that I am a bubbly, caring girl with patience and the ability to work hard under pressure and ability to meet tight deadlines under challenging circumstances if that arises. In the interview as the role, I was sure to elaborate on what I had written in my application reflecting my plans and aims if I was successful. The two current editors were very happy with my responses and were excited that I had written for ’The Demon’ magazine during my three years at DMU and that I currently had an active blog with a focus on the entertainment industry. They were keen to hear that I could transmit these skills into the role as well as show my passion in the role.
During the interview the Editor-in-Chief and Deputy Editor of ’The Demon’ who were interviewing me gave me two scenarios which I could face if I was successful in the role; what would I do if I received news about a new event on the music scene coming up, how would I prepare for it or how would I help my team prepare for it? I answered that I would do some basic research on it myself before putting it out to others giving them the opportunity as they might have an interest in that music scene or wants to cover it as it’s different but I would be there to support them. The other scenario was what would I do if it came to two days before the deadline for the magazine to be out and someone hadn’t given you the article they said they would complete and they were not answering your messages. I felt confident in answering this question as I had had experience in managing a team before and together we had to work to important deadlines and make sure that everything was done in order for it to be a success and it would mean that I would apply the same steps to this as well. From assigning the person the article I would keep in regular touch with them to make sure they are on track and if it came to it I would give gentle but firm warnings of which would say if you don’t reply to me by such or such time I will and take it upon myself to complete this article.
After the interview and while I waited for a response I was confident. Opening the email the Editor-in-Chief of ’The Demon’ had written that they were impressed with my interview. My understanding of the editorial role was good and they thought I had great ideas about how to make Demon more inclusive. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to offer you a role. However, they assured me my problem-solving skills and creative thinking would be beneficial in my professional career. The Editor-in-Chief and Deputy Editor of ’The Demon’ were very kind and considerate and while I was disappointed that I didn’t get the role but I felt positive of how the interview went and would use this as a learning curve when applying to similar jobs in the future.

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