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Mosh, Nightclub, Leicester, Review

Star Rating: ⭐⭐

Mosh nightclub in Leicester is only a short walk from my halls of residence and though it has been dark when I’ve walked there with friends, it is so much cheaper than using a taxi service for a ten-minute journey. The nightclub opens around 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and Saturday nights, all ready for student nights. As a wheelchair user or as a disabled student, I would arrive a short time before 11:30 if you want to get into mosh as it will allow you to get a chance to enter the nightclub and get a spot before the club gets too busy.

Access into the nightclub is questionable, the front entrance has steps into it and sometimes there isn’t anyone to help you as the disabled person get in. However, once getting a bouncer’s attention, they can unlock the fire exit door in which wheelchair users can enter through. The Bouncers and bar staff, in general, are very nice and very helpful for when I needed it, but the only problem is being able to locate them in the busy nightclub, they seem to disappear amongst the number of students present. Moving through the door, I would position myself away from the fire exit doors and finder comfy spot as the accessibility in space within the club is good, especially towards the barriers surrounding the dance floor as it can soon get very busy and cramped due to the number of students who can be there at one time, enjoying the drinks and the music.

Unfortunately, the overall disability access and awareness are a disgrace. I agree that it is flat access in through the fire exit door and around the floor behind these doors, but for one I haven’t seen the disabled toilet within the nightclub myself and if there is one there, I think it is only of a standard size which cannot cater for everyone with every disability. I think it’s vital for the nightclub to provide disabled toilet other greater size in this nightclub because it allows disabled students to enjoy nights out and drinks without the worry of needing the bathroom too soon after their arrival. Mosh nightclub in Leicester has three floors to it, each playing a different type and style of music to the other floors, appealing to different groups of students with different musical tastes; this is a good thing as it attracts many groups of students to enjoy the nightclub, but nightclub does not have a lift which I can use to get to the lower ground floor and the first floor, which limits my use of the club. I am disappointed that something so simple isn’t available for all students disabled or not to enjoy the nightclub to the full extent. Luckily for me, the only floor I can access is the ground floor which often plays my favourite type and style of music compared to the other floors. Though this is a good thing, I am annoyed and have got upset about not being able to go on to the other floors and join my friends as they enjoy the whole nightclub rather than just one floor. If you ask me I think a lift needs to be fitted into the nightclub to accommodate everyone.

The bar on the ground floor of the nightclub is very tall and I have to watch myself up to be seen over the bar and shout very loud over the music to be heard. The nightclub gets very busy as it is a popular location for all students that study at De Montfort University and the University of Leicester to incorporate what students want from a nightclub, they hold student nights and sell a lot of drinks. I think I have managed to get a vodka and Coke for £2. This is one of the only nightclubs that I can remember, getting drunk at as I enjoyed the music as well as having the chance to relax and dance with my friends. What I will say though is if you are a disabled student and want to go to the bar independently, try and get to the nightclub slightly before opening time and being one of the first people to get to the bath before it gets too crowded, so be sure to ask about says for assistance if you need it.

As I am into pop and chart music, I enjoy the ground floor of the mosh nightclub. However, I would love for the nightclub to have a lift which goes to all three floors so students can enjoy all the styles of music mosh nightclub has to offer. It is a really good night to listen to music and have some fun with your friends.

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