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Miss Nails Leicester

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I have visited Miss Nails in Highcross Leicester several times. My first visit happened after being refused service from two other nail salon’s. As this was a last-minute appointment I was unsure whether I would get service especially after the struggle I had being served that day) but they quickly said yes after being reassured it was possible. Since then I have been again and am always greeted with smiles and no hesitation. It is usually possible to get an appointment by just turning up on the day provided your willing to wait sometimes as it’s a very busy and popular location.
The space inside the shop is quite restrictive due to the multiple tables. This means it is only really possible to go forwards and backwards. However, by moving a few chairs around I was able to square myself up to the front desk, and could fit under by tilting the chair down. Although I am unable to get fully under the desk they are still able to do shellac nails by placing a small table on my left-hand side. Although it’s difficult to get around this shop the staff are very flexible and helpful so it’s an issue that is easily overcome.
The staff are superbly helpful and patient – I never feel rushed when having the treatment and they are always quick to adapt. They are talented nail technicians so the great customer service is paired with a great job every time. Knowing how poorly some staff at other nail salons have treated me in Leicester really highlights how Miss Nails goes above and beyond in the service they offer.
The treatment itself was really good quality and the shellac nails I have had done here have lasted for a long time. Added to this there is a good range of colours to choose from in both shellac and non-shellac ranges. Important to remember is that Miss Nails only accepts cash payment – no cards! A full set of shellac nails costs around £20 which is a great price given the quality of the nails.
Overall I would highly recommend Miss Nails to anyone wanting to get their nails done in Leicester. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another Nail Salon in Leicester that offers a good service at such good prices. I have returned many times and would recommend other’s visit sometime should they get the chance.
125. Extra Mile for Disabled

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