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Doorstep Desserts, Western Blvd, Leicester – Restaurant Review

Star Rating: ⭐⭐

I must admit that in my three years at University, I have paid regular visits to this particular dessert parlour. The location of it was about two minutes down the road from my halls of residence and I often found the urge to pop down there whenever I was craving something sweet. The entrance into the dessert parlour is flat, although there is a slight incline into it, which can be difficult if you don’t get at the right angle to go through the door.
The accessibility and space within this dessert parlour are very restricted as the size of the location is very small and it fits tables, chairs and a very big counter in it. I have found it very difficult to manoeuvre while in there, luckily I am able to enter through the main door and move up the very thin pathway between the tables and the counter without having to twist and turn around too many tables and chairs that are in the parlour. But on the more positive side, the counter in which you have to order at is a decent height and I am able to draw level with it as I place my order to the member of staff. The members of staff who work at the dessert parlour a very kind and patient with me as I try to manoeuvre around and have very good customer service skills, always smiling. I must admit sheepishly that I have been to this particular dessert parlour so many times that I have a usual and the members of staff greet me with a warm welcome and always laugh that I’m back again.
In order to be able to come back from the counter as easy as possible, I have to reverse back in a straight line as I can, to be able to get out of the parlour. There have been very few times that I have actually eaten at the dessert parlour as results of the restricted space, but the times that I have, I have seen that the atmosphere within the parlour it’s quite lively, always having music in the background and I’ve found it a popular location, particularly with students, but never been too overcrowded at one time. The tables to be of low height, lower than I’ve become used to at restaurants and have refrained from eating at the dessert parlour, instead choosing to eat at my halls of residence.
Doorstep Desserts, Western Blvd, Leicester is a great place to go with your friends and treat yourself to a good dessert or a milkshake. Despite whether you eat in the parlour or you have takeout, the atmosphere within it is good to have a nice chat and chillax with your mates. On my last visit, my friend enjoyed a large Peanut Butter Cookie Dough with a large Terry’s Chocolate Orange milkshake with cream, while I had a giant Fudge Brownie Cookie Dough with Marshmallows and a large Terry’s Chocolate Orange milkshake without cream to wash it down with. This one cookie dough is my usual at Doorstep Desserts, Western Blvd, Leicester and although it is very sickly, I do not regret having every single bite of it. I have not had the Terry’s Chocolate Orange milkshake very often at this dessert parlour, but when I do, I always regret not having it more often. This milkshake is probably my favourite out of them all and in fact, it isn’t too sickly compared to other versions of it I have tried.
Having now finished University, I don’t think I will be going as often as I did, but the next time I am in Leicester, I will be venturing back and having my usual cookie dough and my favourite milkshake!

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