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Supreme Asian Cuisine, Southampton – Restaurant Review

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

This restaurant has flat access into it, the only thing that I’d be aware of is this slight lisp up to the front door, wheelchairs should be able to get over it unaided, but if you can not, ask for help. When I first moved inside there was a wide table which was in the corner but blocked the entrance slightly, but luckily I did manage to get past it and up the space in the middle of the restaurant. Unfortunately, there was not any disabled toilet within the restaurant, this angered me.
Accessibility and the space within the restaurant were questionable. The tables and chairs were positioned close together and the space was tight. I did struggle to navigate around, but luckily the restaurant wasn’t busy at the time of my visit, so I did manage it in the end. When dad and I had sat down at our choice of table, we were approached by one of the waitresses and were asked to move. We found this confusing, the restaurant wasn’t very busy, but still, she wanted us to move so we could have a more comfortable dining experience. We were both annoyed to be asked to move to a different table, but we moved to just save the hassle and it turned out that she was generally trying to be nice and felt we would find it easier to eat at this different table and actually we did. Throughout the rest of our meal, this member of staff as well as colleagues were very nice and smiley when attending to us and gave us a good service.
The atmosphere at the restaurant at the time of our visit was very quiet due to the few customers the restaurant had at that time.  Unfortunately, the tables in the restaurant were low and though I was able to get really close due to the space and slightly more underneath by tilting chair, I still had to arch my back quite a lot to be able to eat my food without spilling too much down me. It wasn’t the most lively of restaurants, but in fact, I enjoyed this more than the busiest restaurant full of people and noisy as it allowed my dad and I did have a nice peaceful meal and enjoy each other’s company, but it wasn’t deafening quiet to the point of being uncomfortable.
The food and drink at this restaurant are one of the best Chinese food that I have ever tried. I agree that the menu is very complex and confusing to someone who hasn’t chosen to dine in here before, be honest I still get confused on the different dishes they offer. However, at least the customers can say there is plenty to choose from and I would take a lot of time to decide what you want. On my last visit, I had a noodle dish with pieces of steak in it. The dish was full of flavour, which part did well with the sweetness of my apple and raspberry J20. I had quite a lot of these J20s in fact, I couldn’t I couldn’t resist it. The steak pieces in the dish weren’t fatty at all which is common for this sort of dish. The dish was delicious and I did need a doggy bag to take some of it home for lunch the next day.
I definitely recommend this restaurant and this particular noodle dish with an apple and raspberry J20.
Myself and my dad dine at the restaurant regularly and on my most recent visit, I decided to try something a different to my usual noodle dish. I shared some prawn crackers and BBQ ribs with my dad for the starter. I could not resist prawn crackers, it would not be Chinese without them in my opinion. The BBQ ribs weren’t too sticky but had plenty of BBQ sauce and lots of meat. The portion was big enough to satisfy both of us. For my main course, I decided to try the sweet and sour chicken with rice which I found disappointing. It didn’t have very much sauce, nor flavour; I also found the chicken meat stringy and the rice bland.

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