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Domino’s, Western Blvd, Leicester

Star Rating: ⭐⭐

Domino’s in Western Blvd, Leicester is in a prime location in a student-dominated city; it is literally two minutes away from Bede Hall and across the road from the edge of De Montfort University’s campus. I would say they are extremely accommodating for the large student population, it is open throughout the day allowing students to come in at any time of the day between classes and they are often open until 5 a.m. which accommodate for students who are doing late night library sessions. Personally, I have used the Domino’s on Western Blvd in the evenings, when I couldn’t be bothered to cook after a long day at University and I am guilty to have benefited from a Domino’s after a late library session. Getting into this Domino’s pizza is quite easy as it has flat access in and around the location, however, this does depend on the amount of business that is in there at the time that you go in and the amount of customers does affect the accessibility and space in the location. The place was enough space for a wheelchair to manoeuvre around, but parts of it were tightly spaced.
This Domino’s Western Blvd on Leicester as I think many other Domino’s locations are takeaway dominated, so don’t have many tables within their location; this Domino’s is the same. There are a number of tables where students have been able to sit down in a group and enjoy sharing a pizza or have sat down alone to enjoy their food while having a quiet few minutes away from the rest of the world, but I would say predominantly people particularly students either come in to the restaurant to order their food and then take it away with them or they just come in to pick up their food after ordering it online. There has probably been twice where I have sat down in the actual location to enjoy my pizza with the family and friends that I have been in there with, but I am certain to say that the tables are of a low height I can’t get wheelchair underneath, so often I take my pizza away to enjoy back at my halls of residence, preferably to enjoy in front of a DVD or Netflix.
The atmosphere in the restaurant, you would expect to be quite dead because not many people eat in the actual location, but it is constantly busy and popular at all times, with students coming in and out of the location constantly always wanting Domino’s. The waiting time isn’t bad either considering it is a very popular location and the staff members are quite accommodating and they often keep their cool despite the extent and detail of orders they get at one given time. Unfortunately the counter in which you place your order at is very tall and I have to ensure that I get as close as I can to eat to be sure that I’m heard over the noises of the restaurant and luckily I’ve had the nice members of staff help me and be patient with me when I have placed my order. Domino’s has wonderful pieces which are very tasty and full of flavour, however, they are quite expensive as I’m sure other people know. When I first moved to Leicester and into my halls of residence, I was excited to hear that a Domino’s was not even two minutes away from where I lived and thought that I would go every week but it actually turned out that I had Domino’s every so often, especially on weekends. When I did go to Dominos, my usual was a Texas BBQ stuffed crust and Ben and Jerry’s birthday cake tub of ice cream, which would last me two days. I could not resist a two for Tuesday deal.

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