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Carluccio’s, Leicester – Restaurant Review

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐


This restaurant stands on a whole square of restaurants surrounding Highcross Shopping Centre, it has flat access into the restaurant, but what I will say is there is a very tall front of house stand which is positioned slightly to the right of the main door which can slightly block the passageway in the restaurant. Immediately, when I got inside, my eyes located the toilets at the back of the restaurant and I saw that the disabled toilet is of a standard size, which does not cater for every disability of every customer that might dine there.
At the time is my visit, it wasn’t quite as busy what I had seen it on other occasions, but still had a great number of customers. Luckily, the tables and chairs were positioned with space for people to sit down and people to move around without knocking into the tables and chairs too often. As my mum and I moved to our table, the staff were kind enough to help us by moving the chairs and tables slightly excited if they saw that it obstructed my path. Once I was at my table I made sure to get as close as possible to not have to disturb other customers more than once. Even though there was space between me and the next table, it did take me a few attempts and a few pauses to ask other customers to move aside to be able to line up to the table and get close enough so I can eat properly.
Unfortunately, the tables in the restaurant other low height and I kept bumping my knees on the table in my attempt to try and get as close as I could. I repeatedly reversed and try different angles to see if I could get closer to the table, and finally I found an angle which got me closer to the table and using the tilt on my chair, I was able to get my knees underneath, occasionally grazing my knees on the underside of it every now and then throughout our dining experience.
I was very grateful to the staff who helped us move chairs and tables aside as well as requesting customers to move inside while I got as close to the table as I could. The staff members were also very kind and smiley when they were serving us, which made us smiley and relaxed in return. The atmosphere was laid-back due to the restaurant being very quiet at the time of our visit, but there was still a gentle buzz of conversation which filled the air. Throughout our meal, my mum and I were able to have our own conversation without having to shout or feeling the extra pressure on filling the silence, so this was definitely an upside.
As for the food and drink here, I had a Coke which quenched my first when I had my spaghetti carbonara dish. It was very tasty and full of flavour, but it was just very salty which made me very, very thirsty. But apart from being salty, the size of the dish was a decent amount and there was a lot of spaghetti and pancetta in good ratio. I was able to get some spaghetti and pancetta on each of my mouth fulls which allowed me to mix up the flavours of the dish combined with the carbonara sauce, which wasn’t too overpowering.
I think I will be returning to this restaurant soon and have the spaghetti carbonara dish once again.

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