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El Borracho de Oro, Birmingham – Restaurant Review

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

El Borracho de Oro, Birmingham is at a great location, it is surrounded by flowers and greenery that look beautiful even on rainy days. There are steps up to the restaurant, however there is flat access to it, disabled customers just have to be mindful that the incline into the main Garden area before you get to the restaurant is very steep and you may need someone to support your wheelchair or you in any other way, but it is possible. I think this along with the standard size toilets they have in the main restaurant, need to be reconsidered and revised. I have sat both inside and outside the restaurant and it’s a beautiful sitting area on the outside especially when you get those rare sunny days, the seating is nice and sheltered but still you get to feel the sunrise on your back as you tuck in to some very nice tapas. I have also sad on the inside of the restaurant a few times and I think that it’s well designed especially being flat access, however there is a front of house stand which can make it harder to navigate past it into the main restaurant, despite this though, wheelchair users should be able to get inside the restaurant as long as there is a good enough angle to do so.

The accessibility and space around the inside and outside of the restaurant is reasonable, I would only call attention to the fact of this slight incline of ramps in and out of the restaurant and the space in between all of the tables and chairs, wheelchair users and disabled people need to have a lot of room to navigate and manoeuvre around the restaurant in order to get comfortable and enjoy their time at the restaurant. It is a very popular restaurant and has a lively atmosphere, but you can also go there to enjoy quiet meals accompanied by friends and family without feeling bombarded and crowded by your fellow customers.

Tables and chairs within the restaurant location was placed at a reasonable space from each other, there was enough room between the tables and chairs that I was able to move around them to get to my table, this is the same both the inside sitting areas of the restaurant. I would only draw attention to the positions of the tables and chairs when the location is busy, it does restrict access and the space, and I had to consider the best way I could manoeuvre the space to get where I needed to be. The tables, like many other restaurants are a low height and I’m unable to get close enough and underneath the table to eat comfortably.

I had an enjoyable dining experience with the friends I was with, being able to catch up without people or customers interrupting us, but also we found the staff members very kind and friendly as they waited on us. The members of staff were also attentive and helped by moving chairs aside from me and also checked on us during our meal.

The drinks menu and the food menu has a good amount of choices for customers to have a look at, I particularly enjoy the tapas dishes cooked there at the restaurant. The last visit included the friends I was with to order ordering paella which deed take a long time to be cooked and given to us, but I did put this down to the amount of time it takes to cook it, the important thing was it was still hot and was very tasty which is the main thing. On both of my visits to this restaurant I enjoyed having to smaller tapas dishes of chicken wings and chorizo sausage. I would definitely recommend having these two tapas dishes, they are full of flavour and taste.

Overall, El Borracho de Oro, Birmingham is definitely a good restaurant and I will be returning there soon.


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