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Isn’t It Romantic (2019) Film Review

Star Rating: ⭐⭐

Rebel Wilson’s comedic performance helps film come out of shadows.

In the Netflix original, Natalie (Rebel Wilson) is hardworking New York architect but her co-workers feel her talents more suited for delivering coffees and bagels than designing the city’s next skyscraper, which she tries very hard to be a part of. Natalie spends a lot of the opening scenes telling her best friend Whitney (Betty Gilpin) how much she hates rom coms and they’re cliché material. The film highlights how ‘crappy’ her life is and the way she overlooks the positives in her life including her best male friend, Josh (Adam Devine). Our protagonist’s life takes an unexpected turn after she suffers a knock on the head following a subway mugging, upon waking Natalie’s worst nightmare soon comes a reality when she finds herself in an alternate universe. This alternatives universe that she finds herself in has morphed into a romantic comedy transforming her life and has all the ingredients thrown in that you would expect from a traditional romantic comedy, including a possible love interest, Blake (Liam Hemsworth).


I would say that I enjoyed this film, but it is really a cliché with all the details of any other romantic comedy and this film isn’t much difference to the many others I’ve watched. I think Isn’t It Romantic is almost an exact replica to I Feel Pretty staring Amy Schumer. But Isn’t It Romantic is better than Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein’sI Feel Pretty.


Pitch Perfect‘s Rebel Wilson brought the standards of the film higher with its comedic moments. But, with Natalie best friend played by Pitch Perfect‘s Adam Devine, I would say the possible romance between the two characters is too much like fat Amy and Bumper’s love.


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