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The Nutcracker & the Four Realms (2018) Film Review

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Clara (Mackenzie Foy) is an inventor and is often found in the attic of her house, working on her next big project. An early mystery Christmas gift from her late mother leads her to seek answers from her benevolent billionaire godfather (Morgan Freeman), where her questions remain unanswered. Clara’s confusion deepens when she finds herself in a magical kingdom with a Christmas twist and a festival feeling to a Hogwarts combined with Narnia world.

As Clara ventures into this world, she befriends a Nutcracker soldier (Jayden Fowora-Knight) and learns that the four realms that she has stumbled upon is currently at war, but know she has arrived, she, the daughter of the Kingdom’s founder can bring it to a peaceful end. Sugar Plum (Keira Knightley) leader of the realm of sweets aids Clara in her rising up against Mother Ginger (Helen Mirren) and her personal army of clowns in the Land of Amusements.

Straight away, you can see Tim Burton’s cinematic touch to bring this Hogwarts meets Narnia world and this is what brings it to life and selvedge the paper-thin plot.

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