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Adrift (2018) Film Review

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

Based on a true story, Temi (Shailene Woodley) sail across the Pacific Ocean with his true love Richard (Sam Clafin) and get caught in the violent Hurricane Raymond in a lost-at-sea survival drama. Adrift lays out as an interlaced plot, changing between Temi and Richard lives, when they first met, when they fell in love and when they hired to sail from Tahiti to California and then it changes to where they are sailing and stranded somewhere in the Pacific. We learn how our two nautical heroes ended up in such a predicament, ready for the well-plotted twin climax. Throughout the entire film and thanks to interlaced plot line, the audience is able to grow to love and root for Tami and Richard in a clever, creative way.

This film is a real tear-jerker, especially knowing it revolves around a true story. The interlaced story makes it ever more impactful and everlasting.

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