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I Feel Pretty (2018)

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Amy Schumer’s self-image comedy falls flat on its face

 Renee Bennett (Amy Schumer) is an insecure woman finding her place in a superficial world, she is a woman stuck in an unglamorous job and her insecurities and being made to feel inferior by other model looking women and every male she comes across. But then, she makes a wish to be beautiful and her wish becomes reality after an accident in a cycling class at the gym, giving her a new body and face. In this new universe, those around Renee still see the same person yet with an increased sense of confidence with new opportunities and possible romance, with particular emphasis on her being able to climb the corporate ladder of a cosmetics company.

Written and directed by Abby Kohn and Marc Silverstein, the story balances humour and life lessons, thanks to Amy Schumer’s comical talents. At the same time, it shows superficial images of woman and their place in society.

There are very cheesy scenes in the film such as the vagueness of the magical element of the plot, an example of this is the scene of Renee throwing a quarter in a fountain, wishing to be beautiful. But the important thing is Renee is seeing the same person just with a new appreciation, however, it is not funny when she finds the need to re-introduce herself to friends with the assumption that they won’t recognise her.

During the film, they are some comedic elements thanks to Schumer, but the script and story kill it dead and it’s just wasteful and empty. The film just feels like it is trying too hard to get laughs out the audiences.

However, the film does encourage strong themes of the importance of female friendships and a deeper message of self-worth via one’s relationship status, especially during a final speech during PowerPoint presentation for a new Dove campaign that Renee is presenting.

I found the film dry and boring, but it touched on important themes.


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