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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017) Film Review

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The traditional board game takes a technological re-vamp with this new adaptation of Jumanji.
Some may remember Tristar’s classic Jumanji (1995) starring Robin Williams. As opposed to the original film, where the game was played out in our world, in Welcome To The Jungle (2017), we are taken to Jumanji where the players are absorbed into the game and play for survival.
Before being sucked into the game the teens select characters, whose bodies they then wake up in when they fall into Jumanji. The characters find themselves playing the game in are humorously in contrast to their own personalities and build.
One of whom transforms from a beautiful self-absorbed young girl to a middle-aged man, played brilliantly by Jack Black. However, Jack Black is not the only famous face we enjoy in this film. Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart add a comical twist to the elaborate plot, while Karen Gillan adds a strong beautiful female into the otherwise male cast.
Having watched the original Jumanji as a child, I was unsure how this fantastic film could be recreated without destroying the conventions of the original. Assuming that they would stick to a similar plot, with more CGI, I was expecting a modernisation of the previous film. I was wrong. This film flips the original concept upside down, and takes the audience into Jumanji with the characters, as opposed to the game bringing various animals and jungle challenges out.
When playing a board game each player must take their turn in order. This is how previously, Alan Parish (Robin Williams), was trapped in Jumanji for 20 years. Now, the players must work together using their strengths in the game to move through zones to ‘save’ Jumanji. During their quest, the four players encounter a new ally, Alex Reak (Nick Jonas), who is integral to them working together to escape.
The fact I’ve seen this film multiple times already demonstrates my opinion on the new take. I’ve been immersed in the breath-taking visual effects of the film as they bring the jungle to life. In addition to this, the characters are so in-depth and gripping as the actors are able to capture a dual personality of both the teen sucked into the body of their chosen character, as well as the avatar themselves. This juxtaposing of two personalities clashing in one body allows them to create a great level of humour which is laugh out loud quality.
I predict this to be another family favourite as it has captured the best qualities of its predecessor, with a modern twist to captivate the imaginations of the younger generation.

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