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Love, Simon (2018) Film Review

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

A heart-warming gay romance in a coming of age tale.

Simon (Nick Robinson) havers the secret of his sexuality from his family, closest friends and classroom as he goes through his teenage years and school life. After discovering that there is another gay person in his school, he calls himself Blue, Simon communicates with Blue via an anonymous email conversation as his personal life becomes more complicated and it becomes a refuge for him. It becomes a Romeo and Juliet story between these two boys, as they develop a love connection. But there is one question, who is ‘Blue’?

The plot thickens when Simon’s evil classmate and drama-club nerd Martin (Logan Miller) discovers Simon’s secret and strikes a deal with him, in exchange for not publicising it, Simon must help him impress the girl he has had sights on for ages. Simon knows that Martin’s temporary blackmailing nastiness is just a snippet of the ridicule he will suffer if everyone found out his secret. When his secret is threatened and exposed, Simon must face everyone and must now learn to come to terms with his identity and while he does this, he must discover Blue and his true identity. As the film comes to an end, it explores Simon’s new life choice and reveals the identity of Blue.

Love, Simon is a great film, many films focus on a girl-boy relationship but this one is the first film in a while that has focused on a gay romance, between two boys. It challenges people’s perceptions of the themes in the film in a good-natured way which is fun and engaging!

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