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Champneys Health Spa

Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Champneys Health Spa is in Leamington Spa countryside and the location is nice and peaceful.

At the Champneys Health Spa, there are many treatments available such as facials, body treatments, alternative therapies, manicures and pedicures.

Guests also have access to the other facilities include the gym and pool facilities as well as exercise classes being taught at the location. Visitors also have access to health wellbeing and fitness programs and medical services and medical support to help.

The location is very accessible and though in the countryside, there is complete flat access around every part of the health spa. Champneys Health Spa has at least one disabled room for those who are in need of it.

The room is of quite a decent size in which people can navigate their wheelchair around with ease, there are at least two single beds within the room. The room has an en-suite bathroom with all of the toilet and bathroom facilities.

The only issue is it a walk-in shower in which the person has two transfer independently into the seat which is fixed in the shower in order to use it and you have to be very careful when transferring onto the toilet as it is positioned near enough in the corner of the facility.

But on the bright side, the overall facility has quite a big space so people can use it much easier than they would if it was a regular sized bathroom. I really liked where the disabled bedroom was compared to where the rest of the facilities were in the location.

I was able to stay in the room and have some downtime, writing my own stories that I had been wanting to complete for a long time but I never had chance to until then, while my parents enjoyed the facilities available and then venture out join them when I wanted too. This made me enjoy my experience more as I was able to do my own thing and helpful staff were nearby and offered to help if we needed it during our stay.

You can each enjoy your own choice of treatment, while also having time to spend with the other members of your group. I was able to enjoy a full-set shellac manicure, which lasted a long time before they chipped. Mum had a full set pedicure and they also didn’t chip for weeks. She also enjoyed a relaxing full body massage and reviewed it quite highly.

While mum and I took advantage of the high standards of their pampering facilities, dad was able to enjoy the gym and exercise classes provided by the Spa. As a family, we all enjoyed the pool facilities and I for one finally got a chance to stretch my legs and be free in the water in a way that I can’t be when I’m in my wheelchair or elsewhere.

All the three courses served at Champney’s Health Spa were good, nutritious, healthy food served with coffee, tea, sparkling water, juice and soothes.

For breakfast, there was cereal, toast and fruit. Lunches consisted of wraps or pasta with choices of toppings. Dinners consisted of a number of starters and mains, including fish and meat dishes. There was a selection of deserts; ice-cream, sorbet or fruit salad.

I would definitely recommend Champneys Health Spa for all these reasons and more!

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