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Handmade Burger Co, Highcross, Leicester -Restaurant Review

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Handmade Burger Co, Leicester is positioned within a very large square outside Highcross Shopping Centre, amongst various other restaurants sit. This is a good thing as both the University of Leicester and De Montfort University students often congregate in this square. My dad, my brother, my personal assistant, Melody and I decided to go to Handmade Burger Co on freshers move-in day so Handmade Burger Co and the whole square was packed with freshers and their families.

All the members of our party all fancied and burger of some type and we knew that Handmade Burger Co, Leicester offered a range of burgers to suit each of palates.

Going into the restaurant, I saw there was complete flat access to all points of the restaurant. It was easy for me and the rest of our table to get to the front of the house stand, but it was quite tall and I had to lean up and raise my voice above the noise to be able to be heard by the member of staff who was acting as front of house.

I saw that the disabled toilet was right in the back of the restaurant and I saw it with a standard size. No more than to be expected, but this means that it only accommodates for those disabled people who can transfer independently. The inside of the toilet is very tightly spaced and it has bad hygiene levels. These problems and the fact that the toilet is so tight spaced and it had poor hygiene levels and it only facilitates for one degree of disability is a definite thumbs down in my opinion.


Yes, the whole restaurant had flat access throughout, but the space was difficult to navigate due to the number of tables and chairs which were positioned close together and the fact nearly every table was occupied. I had to be very careful in finding the way to our designated table and easing my way in so I could get myself in the right position and to ensure I wasn’t knocking into anything or anyone in the process. I also had to settle with only getting marginally into the table because it was easier to avoid people.

I couldn’t my wheelchair close enough to our designated table to be able to get underneath it. I tried to tilt my wheelchair accordingly to have a better chance to get underneath it but the table was still too low for me to get close enough and underneath it. This was an annoyance to me as I had to now lean forward as best as I could and strain my back so I could eat. This did not bode well with me as my choice of burger and meal was very messy and I spilt a lot of food items down me, despite the number of serviettes I had over my clothes.

I have always struggled to eat these style of burgers as I only have one hand and struggle to lift it up to my mouth to eat it. I had to rely on my dad to assist me as I couldn’t hold my burger securely in one hand without it falling it apart. Despite our efforts, it did fall apart and I had to eat the burger, piece by piece. This wasn’t helped by the fact that I couldn’t get myself underneath the table to be able to eat properly.

Once we each decided on our order, we had to place our food order at the bar. I wanted to try and place the order myself at the bar but then I found that it was very high and it would be difficult for me to be able to manage to order effectively and be able to be heard by the member of staff behind the bar. I guess it’s nothing more than to be expected as bars in a lot of restaurants that I have visited are of the same height as this one.

The staff members attitudes were nothing special. They were all present enough but only to the bare minimum, their people skills weren’t great. I understand that it was a busy day of the year due to everyone moving into university before the beginning of the academic year and there was a lot of custom in the restaurant, but that is no excuse for how they acted. In my opinion, there are actions and remarks seemed somewhat robotic and lacking in emotion, it felt like they were just going through the motions until our table had finished our meal and we moved on, so they could get the next group of customers in. It was clear that they weren’t actually into their job.

Due to the extent of the customers that were in the restaurant at that time, I felt the service was pretty slow which didn’t help the overalls atmosphere and attitude of the place for us. All four of us had to wait an hour for all of our food to arrive and it wasn’t of the best quality and a lot of it was cold. My dad, in particular, found his burger lukewarm, while his bun and onion rings were cold. When we got served our meals, there wasn’t any particular emphasis behind their actions and we had no apology for the lateness of our order, neither was anything done when dad raised the fact his food was cold.

My brother’s burger wasn’t that much better, it included all the toppings that was expected and was tasty, but the burger was cold and it wasn’t very well put together and kept falling apart when he ate it. My PA, Melody and I had the same meal as each other, a bacon cheeseburger with Peri-Peri salted fries. We found our burgers cold, but they still managed to be very flavoursome and tasty. The bacon was fatty and there was an overkill of sauce within the burger. I did enjoy the Peri-Peri salted fries, I could eat those again. Tasty and lightly seasoned and not soggy which I sometimes get with this type of fries.

A small glimmer of light came from their 2-4-1 cocktails. Melody and I took advantage of this offer and both had a woowoo cocktail. It had the right balance of ingredients in the woowoo cocktails which is a thumbs up. This 2-4-1 cocktail deal with the 10% student discount definitely will entice students in Handmade burger Co Leicester. They just need to work on their quality of food and the staff members need to work on their attitudes.

Our experience of Handmade Burger Co, Leicester wasn’t enjoyable. The food was of the best quality and we just had to wait too long for our food. The restaurant was overcrowded and we felt rushed and, in a hurry, to leave. The only upsides were the Peri-Peri salted fries and 2-4-1 cocktails.


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