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Every Day (2018) – Film Review

This captivating, thoughtful fantasy is a twist on the usual boy meets girl routine. 

The star Angourie Rice, plays Rhiannon, a high-school student, who has been dating self-absorbed jock guy, Justin. But one day, this relationship seems completely different, like he’s had a complete personality transplant. He is now a sensitive, caring, emotionally literate and she is able to open up to him in a way she hasn’t before. But the following day, after this romantic encounter, Justin is back to his self-absorbed jock self and doesn’t have any recollection of the day before or any of their conversations.


From that day on, Rhiannon meets a different stranger, every day, a boy or girl but always of her own age. Rhiannon and each of her new acquaintances seem to “get” her in the same unnervingly perceptive, intimate way that her boyfriend, Justin, seems to connect with her on that one unique day.

‘Every Day’ is a weirdly beguiling film which has been adapted by Jesse Andrews, from David Levithan’s original novel, ‘Every Day.’ Then they tag teamed with director, Michael Sucsy, who made the tear-jerking film, The Vow.


This film is a teen romance, or a high-school fantasy. The film doesn’t begin with any obvious comic or ironic palliatives to get you used to its bizarre high concept, but a concept with a storyline that comes somewhat repetitive. I think audiences just go with it and identify with the social media and online existences.

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