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Buffet Mania, Leicester – Restaurant Review

Star Rating ⭐⭐⭐


The restaurant was immediately recognisable by its bright logo and the overall appearance of the restaurant looked very inviting, especially when there was a big sign in the window, showing it was a £5 all you can eat buffet, all day, every day!
There is a ramp, which gives a slight incline into the restaurant, but it is ramped, which is a defiant tick in the box. The doorway was also wide enough, I was able to get through it without any problems at all.
Once inside, the space within the restaurant was okay but quite restricted. The tables were positioned like, what I can only describe as a maze.
It is challenging to navigate my way around the tables to get to a vacant one. This is made somewhat more difficult with the restaurant is busy, particularly around lunch-time.
Then there is the question of the space between the first row of tables and the counter, which you pay £5 for your buffet, £1 for a drink and why you go to load your plate full of Chinese food.
The space is restricted and the accessibility is narrowed. I found it difficult, that once I have paid for my food and drink and I am lined up to the counter to get my food, I can only view a few options before I have to reverse my wheelchair so I can view what else is on offer. This is made more of a challenge if those front tables have been filled prior to my visit.
You can load your plate with all types of Chinese. There is an array of choices that you can choose from and you can have as many and as much as you can eat. On my visit, I didn’t manage to sample all of the dishes available, but the ones I did have were just the same quality and taste that you would expect in an actual Chinese restaurant. Everything you could ever want for just £5 per person and you can have a can of pop for only £1 to wash it all down with. It is great!

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