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DMU’s Halloween Ball 2018

This year’s Halloween party was great. Before the party date, Melody and I found our outfits and Melody planned to do our make up for the party, which would go with our chosen outfits. My outfit, in particular, had a lot to do with my circumstances at the zoo party. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the zoo party, which happened during freshers week 2018. There were some unforeseen family circumstances who called me home to Birmingham immediately.

I chose to wear the exact same outfit that I planned to wear to the zoo party. A black vest top and a short leopard print skirt with black leggings underneath. Melody then applied makeup in the shape of red and black leopard spots on my face. I really enjoyed this choice of outfit and makeup.

Once Melody had assisted me to get changed, she slipped away to get herself into her Halloween costume. Reappearing, I was shocked and impressed by her Halloween costume. She had dressed in a bright, colourful costume to signify one which a clown would wear. She had cleverly crafted her make up to look like a clown, with a twist. This clown never smiled and I must say had a dracular quality to it. Then this scary twist was emphasised by Melody’s bright pink hair.

Melody and I both decided to join the rest of our flat for pre-drinks. All of us planned to pre-drink together before we headed to the student union for the Halloween party as a group. After we were fueled by alcohol, we all headed onto the campus and towards the student union. There was a very long queue, full of students waiting to get inside. The queue was moving very slow as bouncers were guiding everyone in while checking their IDs. Seeing me, the bouncers came straight to me and checked mine and Melody’s tickets and IDs and then helped us through the queue and into the student union. I was so pleased, it really was a cold night and I would have prefered not to queue for ages.

DMU’s student union had hosted the Halloween party for the past two years. The main club was refurbished and it was very big and the bar was massive and at the time we got into the club, it was very busy and the dancefloor was packed. Ordering a vodka and coke for myself and vodka and lemonade for Melody and the two of us stood at the back wall, waiting for everyone else.

Throughout the night, Melody and I moved between the two rooms that made up the SU club. Both rooms were playing different styles of music. There were very inventive costumes at the party but I must say Melody and her costume topped them all. Melody and enjoyed the night, really good music, chart music and Halloween themed music and our dance moves were fueled by a lot of alcohol!

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