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Cadbury World’s Afternoon Tea

Star Rating: ⭐⭐

While at Cadbury World and after you have finished your great tour, I suggest trying out their afternoon tea at the Cadbury World Café.

While booking your tour tickets, have a look at their website to get more information and see whether the afternoon tea option at Cadbury World suits your fancy.

Booking an afternoon tea via the Cadbury World website is relatively easy. Just as it is easy to navigate through the website to book your tour tickets, it is easy to find the afternoon tea option via the website.

Click onto the afternoon tea promotion that is on the website and you are taken to a page and are able to see what is included in the afternoon tea and the different deals that are currently available to entice you to book.

You are also given more information about the afternoon tea such as times and dates and prices and contact numbers on this page.

You then have to click on the available icon on this page, which will then take you to another page where you add information to your booking.

Once on the next page, you click the + or – button to bring it to the number up or down until it displays the number of people in your party.

After this, you click onto the next page where you select a date and time for your booking, before continuing and finalising your booking and submitting payment.

On the day of your tour and afternoon tea, I would make sure to make a note of the reference number you receive via email after you make your booking.

When you go to the Cadbury World Café, give the reference number to the staff member behind the till and he will guide you into the Café.

I really liked how afternoon guests are able to sit in a different area at the back of the Café, specifically for afternoon tea guests.

You will be led to a table in this area and be asked what you would like to drink. Tea, coffee or afternoon tea. Once you have made this order, you will be presented with your afternoon tea.

The afternoon tea is served on British bone crockery. This makes it all the more elegant and special. It was Britain’s classic afternoon tea with a chocolate twist, fitting for an afternoon tea at Cadbury World.

I would defiantly recommend Cadbury’s hot chocolate, while you enjoy your afternoon tea!

The first of the layers was scones, cream and jam and macaroons had one each. The scones were good and there was a small number of them, which meant myself and the person I was with were plenty of the cream and jam which was defiant with a thumbs up.

The bottom layer had an array of sandwiches including salmon & soft cheese with cucumber, ham & English mustard and cheese & pickle, on white and brown bread. For me, I wasn’t to keen on the sandwiches selection, but there was a range for you and your party to choose from.

My eyes went straight to the middle layer. The layer held a number of tempting cakes and treats, chocolate brownies and rocky road, made by a Cadbury recipe!

My overall opinion and review of Cadbury World’s afternoon tea are mixed. On the negative side, the group of sandwiches were stale and dry when we received them. My enthusiasm for the sandwich fillings wasn’t great and the staleness of the bread put me off the sandwiches completely.

The afternoon tea improved slightly when I tried the scones. Yes, they were slightly dry, but with the cream and jam, they tasted nice. I had held off having too much of the scones, as I wanted to enjoy the cakes and treats.

They weren’t quite so fresh as I hoped, but the chocolatey taste was there and that was good enough for me.

The highlight of the afternoon tea for me was the hot chocolate. The liquid was definitely Cadburys, tasting rich and creamy, the hot chocolate was sickly but well worth it!

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