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Harry Potter Quiz – Walkabout, Leicester

I am a student and must live off a student budget, but I love to go out in between my studies, so I keep a lookout for any good promotions for any studenty nights out in Leicester. I had been looking a while when I saw a promotion on Facebook showcasing that there was a Harry Potter quiz at walkabout Leicester. I saw that the quiz was scheduled for the following week and I decided to rope Melody in as she was also a big fan of Harry Potter.
When I saw this and had spoken to Melody and convinced her to join in. When I booked the tickets I found that there were already limited places available as it was clearly very popular. You have to book according to how many within your party and would be participating in your team, I could see that the biggest tables had already been sold out. As there was only two of us in a team, we did manage to book a table for us.
Entering the Walkabout, Leicester, the atmosphere was very upbeat and very magical. The bar had gone all out to decorate for the event. It was brightly Harry Potter orientated. Verifying our booking and sitting at our designated table, we saw that there were themed sweets to meet the occasion. These sweets were gummy eyeballs, which I can only guess signify the eyeballs as potion ingredients. In keeping with the Harry Potter atmosphere, walkabout displayed the first film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone film on all of the screens in the bar, throughout the duration of the quiz.
Walkabout filled up very quickly as the time of the quiz drew nearer. Tables of many sizes were filled with eager Harry Potter fans raring to go. Others might have felt intimidated by the number of teams that were there. But team ‘Siriusly Potter Mad (Eye Moody)’ were not and we were up for the challenge.
The atmosphere of the quiz and in fact the whole venue was electric. I have been to a number of quizzes where the atmosphere and tone of the event have seemed somewhat forced and dull. But with this quiz, it was clear that a lot of thought had gone into the pre-planning and everyone who was there wanted to be there and wanted the night to be a success.
The quizmaster was very energetic and that rubbed off on the rest of us. She encouraged all the teams to have their own unique style and input into the quiz, calling attention to each of our team names and getting different upbeat responses in return. One of the key rules for any quiz is for no participants to use their phones to assist with any of the answers and the energetic quizmaster got us all fired up and asked to call out if we saw anyone using their phones. The enthusiasm of the quiz master and all those involved caused rivalry between the teams, causing a competition with higher stakes and a better atmosphere.
Prior to the Harry Potter quiz at walkabout, Melody and I had watched all 8 of the Harry Potter films to brush up on our knowledge and trivia so we were well-prepared for the content of the quiz. This helped as the quiz was predominantly focused on the films, rather than the books.
The quiz was full of questions which were exciting and ones that a pure Harry Potter fan should know. This was to get us all warmed up and ready for the more complex and detailed questions. Some were two-part questions in which teams would get two points for the correct answer, the question that was worth bigger points that I remember was ‘what two elements is Harry’s wand made out of?’ I knew that part of the monde with made out of phoenix feather as it shares equality with Voldemort but I wasn’t sure of these another element it processes. Now I know both elements and I will never forget that Harry Potter’s wand is made out of holly and phoenix feather. As well as these types of questions there were picture rounds where we have to identify the different Petronas and who casts them. Also, there will picture rounds which we had to identify who’s wands were who’s. Then, of course, there were the themed quote rounds. This was both fun and easy, thanks to the number of times I had watched all of the Harry Potter films.
Melody and I were on fire with all of the rounds and we were fueled by Harry Potter themed cocktails. There was one for each house; Ravenclaw, a deep blue cocktail that was mystically refreshing, blue curari, barcode, Malibu and lemonade served with a slice of lime. Hufflepuff, a mysterious yellow cocktail. Barcadi white and spiced rum shook with pineapple and orange juice. Melody had two of the Slytherin cocktail which was huntingly green with green Midori, Gordons gin, apple juice and lime. According to Melody, they were very nice and the fact that it was Slytherin cocktails were a bonus. I didn’t find the ingredients in a Slytherin cocktail very appetising. I wanted to try the Ravenclaw cocktail, but I wasn’t quite taken with the mix, so I had two of the Gryffindor themed cocktail, a fruit cocktail which is magically tangy. Apple and cherry sourz shook with apple, cranberry and raspberry puree. These were very tangy and tasty and both Melody and I got a bit tipsy and our choice of Harry Potter cocktails.
We really enjoyed the night and we scored high in the quiz, gaining 60 points. There was only two of us on our table, so to get 60 points and coming joint third, when there were other tables holding up to six players, was a stratifying result! Melody and I really enjoyed our Harry Potter quiz at Walkabout, Leicester and we are planning to take part in the Disney themed quiz that is coming to Walkabout, Leicester very soon!

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