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Student Lock In – Highcross Shopping Centre 2018

Up until this year, I had not been to either of the student lock-ins at Highcross Shopping Centre, Leicester as I never found interest in it. The student lock-ins happen in shopping centres around the country to bring students a chance to shop with their new friends and have fun. Coincidently, I have been in Birmingham, Bullring or in Highcross Shopping Centre on the day of the lock-ins, so I saw promotions everywhere for it and shops were set up for it, but I had never stayed into the night to enjoy the discounts.

This year, after seeing endless promotions for the student lock-in at Highcross Shopping Centre, I decided to go with Melody and Sabrina, for a girls night out. The three of us hadn’t been out altogether since Melody’s training day back at the start of September, I was really looking forward to having some time, the three of us for so long. I do think the girls definitely thought they were hoping to use my student card for the discounts.

Around 8:30 on the night of the student lock-in at Highcross Shopping Centre, Melody, Sabrina and I joined the very long queue outside Highcross Shopping Centre, Leicester as we all waited to get in. The queue was moving slowly as bouncers were busy checking students names off on extensive lists. Luckily, I had pre-booked all three of us bases and we were able to get in without any problems.

Once we got inside the three of us moved to one side to let other students to get passed and to have a look at the list to see what shops were included in the student lock-in night. We took a deep breath and plunged right into the thick of the crowds as students filed and walked in every direction. I tried very hand and weave in and out of the crowds it was just way too busy so I just pushed my way through in the hope I wouldn’t get anyone’s toes.

There was a range of shops and restaurants that offered student discounts. I found that all of the shops had some really good deals in aid of the student lock-in at Highcross and students were just loving it. Crowds were pouring in and out of the shops and for a while, Sabrina, Melody and myself were moving through the crowds, window shopping.

In the mood to do some real shopping, I drew out a list that I had made before the lock-in and decided where to go first. I wanted to take advantage of the student deals when there are things I really needed.

First, I went into New Look to look for a new purse with my initial on it but unfortunately, I didn’t have any success as they had run out of all ones with my initial on. My next step was to spend my River Island gift card that I had not been able to spend for ages. I was unsure what to spend it on, I didn’t want to spend it just for the sake of it and not wear the items I buy because I don’t really like them. There was a lot of leopard print clothing on sale and it really seems to be popular not just in River Island, but all stops. I have always loved leopard print, so I snatched up a pair of leopard print trousers to add to my collection. I also have great pride in finding myself willingly going to Waterstones and I am pleased to announce that I purchased the ‘Darkest Minds’ series to read for pleasure.

The student lock-in at Highcross Shopping Centre was utter chaos with students heading in every direction and pouring out of the shops. Though I did find this stressful and difficult, I strangely enjoyed the atmosphere of it all. I felt such happiness when dance music blared out of the speakers in the shopping centre, I battled through crowds, coming out of the different shops clutching my purchases. It was a really good night with Melody and Sabrina

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