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Stable, Southampton – Restaurant Review

Star Rating:⭐⭐⭐

I couldn’t open the doors at the entrance independently as they needed to be pulled open, like many restaurants, but oh well, nothing to do about that. Once these doors were open it was flat access into the entrance. My parents waited at the welcoming stand as instructed by a clear sign. When a waitress saw us, she was cheerful as she led the way to our table.

The accessibility was challenging and the space was somewhat restricted. On the way to our table, the waitress had to keep moving chairs aside for me to be able to through to the table the waitress was leading us too. Even with the waitress, kindly moving the chairs, I had to weave around the tables very carefully. Lucky for me, there weren’t many customers at the time of our arrival, so I didn’t need to disturb many people on the way to our table. But when I flip it, the accessibility was good, once the chairs were moved and once I had weaved around one or two tables, it was more or less straight access to our table.


As we passed, I saw the bar was of the usual length and height of ones that I have seen in other restaurants and pubs. One of a tall height, which I couldn’t see or lean over to speak to the members of staff who were smiling at me from the other side of it. Once again, table service proved to be the easier of two options.


When we drew level with our table, I saw that it was somewhat in a corner. I was slightly grateful at this at I wouldn’t be disturbed or jolted by other customers. There was nothing worse than being knocked into, while I eat. Peering over to my right, I saw a disabled toilet in the very far corner of the restaurant, I tried to narrow my eyes and saw that it was a standardly sized facility. I’m not sure whether the lock was radar key operated or whether it was a standard lock, but either way, I don’t think the toilet was a great size. If I needed to use the bathroom while we were there, my parents and I would struggle to navigate and move onto the toilet without us hurting ourselves.


Once the waitress gave us our menus, I looked back at our table and repositioned my wheelchair up to the table. Coming up to it, I tilted my wheelchair down to attempt to go under the table, but even with my wheelchair as low it could be, the table was still to low for me to fit under it. This would mean that I would have to lean forward and put a strain on my back when it came to eating and drinking.


The waitress who led us to table came to take our order. She was very kind and smiley. All three of us quickly looked down at the menu and chose what we wanted. I had a large pint of coke, it was fizzy and refreshing. I had to consume it slowly, otherwise, I would get a sugar rush. We all decided to share a starter of garlic bread. It was full of flavour and taste on a fresh, thin and crispy base. I was so happy about this as I didn’t want to have a thick and stoggy food and getting full before our main meal. My dad had an Ali ba ba pizza. He was pleased with his pizza, he said as did I that the thin and crispy base was preferred over the thick pizza base. He also was happy that the pizza was full of toppings which were cooked really well. Both mom and I had steak pies, they were full of flavour and the meat was not overdone. It wasn’t too fatty or chewy which I was afraid of when it came. I also like how the pastry had a homemade quality to it and it was soft, which tasted good with the gravy, but it wasn’t too soggy neither.


The waitress that we had was very nice and kind. She was sure to check on us, asking us whether we needed anything else, so were the other staff members. Although they weren’t as attentive as staff members at other restaurants I’ve been too. The overall atmosphere of the restaurant was good. It was calm and relaxed as there was live music being performed within the restaurant, which brought life to it and it was something new to experience while we were eating.

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