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#DMUAble Initiative

Following the decision of the re-election at DMU and having the disability representative role taken off me. I was greatly hurt and disappointed that I had worked so hard and I no longer had the position and lost confidence in the University.

All summer, I have constantly been watchful of my emails to see if there was any further update regarding the status of the re-election, but there wasn’t anything.

But recently, I received an email, addressed to me regarding a new DMUAble Initiative. According to this email, De Montfort University is hoping to put into place a brand-new initiative called #DMUAble. This initiative includes putting steps into action to be able to improve the accessibility of campus and the overall experience of disabled students at De Montfort University.

Though these meetings wouldn’t start until the new academic year, they wanted to get the ball running and recruit as many people as possible beforehand. They were contacting me to see if this was something that I wanted to take part in the new academic year and if I was interested, I was to confirm via email and they would forward my details onto the person managing the scheme.

Time elapsed from when I first saw this email and when I had a chance to respond sufficiently. I really worried that I had missed my opportunity. In a corresponding email I was quick to explain that I had already received an email regarding the #DMUAble Initiative and as a disabled student myself who ran for the Disability Representative role last year, I am greatly interested in getting involved in improving the disability access and awareness around campus. I was also sure to point out that I was now entering my third year at De Montfort University and I could give a clear view of the disability awareness and access that I have seen in and around the campus and University in my three years of studying there. Then I finished the email by stating that I have struggled with the lack of disability access and awareness around campus to an extent and I want to get involved to improve the experience of future disabled students who will come to study at De Montfort University.

Shortly after I send this email, I got a response. I was so happy to learn that everything regarding the #DMUAble Initiative was still in the planning stages. I was told that when the #DMUAble Initiative in operation, there will be lots of student opportunities that I can get involved in to take those steps to improve the experience of disabled students at De Montfort University, both for now and in the future.

I was really pleased about this opportunity and very happy to be kept in the loop and be updated about any more details going forward. I may have had the disability representative role taken off me for matters I cannot control, but I can and will find other ways to benefit myself as well as my fellow disabled students around the University!

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