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The Greatest Showman (2017) Film Review

Star Rating ⭐⭐⭐

This film showcases those who are unique and in a gripping musical.

The film slowly grew and became a hit overnight, capturing the minds of audiences members everywhere. P.T. Barnum (Hugh Jackson) promises his childhood sweetheart, Charity Barnum (Michelle Williams) a life of luxury while all of their hopes and dreams come true. However, this life takes a little while to evolve.

The love-felt couple move away from their over-baring families and make a family of their own. Stretched for money, P.T. Barnum begins a circus to show those who have a disability which makes them extra ordinary people to their community.

The Greatest Showman has an underlining theme of disability and it’s a good way to promote ‘disability’ to the audience and shows those who are disabled as a close knit unit.

However, the main character, P.T. Barnum (Hugh Jackson), showcase and exploited those in his circus as ‘different’ as they have disabilities and are different.

As P.T. Barnum is corrupt and blinded by the money, the shows bring in, he continues to show his performers in this way.

When shown on stage in the circus, the community attend to gawk and laugh at the performers.

This can show those are disabled in a negative light and then transform audiences’ view on those who are disabled in their own society and influence them to see and treat disabled people in the same way as they see in the film.

It is a slow starter, but then becomes a hit with everyone who comes to see it. The show is an overwhelming success and this leads to a story full of twists and turns and brilliant songs.

Zac Efron, Rebecca Ferguson and Zendaya joins Hugh Jackson and Michelle Williams in a cast full of tremendous of singers and dances.

The Greatest Showman joins The Sound of Music in a captivating original story, breaking into song at any chance.

The drama and plot is enhanced by the music contribution and sets a slick easy-going scene, despite the level of drama.

This film captures the minds of all its audience members, offering a great deal of entertainment, along with drama, offering a feel-good factor.

All this, while running the important themes of financial success, individual self-assertion, togetherness and the importance of ‘family.’

In my opinion, the film is full of captivating drama and disability representation, in a positive and negative form. Its full of entertainment and wonder, which the whole cast and audience can get involved in.


Star Rating:⭐⭐⭐

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