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Changing Places Campaign

‘Changing Places’ facilities are brand-new, fast growing and are eagerly promoted.

More information about these remarkable facilities can be found here: http://www.changing-places.org/
The ‘Changing Places’ campaign is hoping to open more and more ‘Changing Places’ all over the UK. Locate your nearest ‘Changing Places’ facilities via http://www.uktoiletmap.org or you can download the app!
This on-going vibrant campaign has an active Facebook and Twitter pages, encouraging people to share their ‘Changing Places’ experiences and this is what I am going to do.

I will review the ‘Changing Places’ facilities at Birmingham Bullring, Grand Central Birmingham, West Quay, Southampton and Cadbury World and any more that I locate!

Please write to me with the locations of the ‘Changing Places’ facilities you have found and used and I will add those to this list. Let’s spread the word far and wide!

I am also eager to hear your ‘Changing Places’ reviews and stories. Please contact me.

Let the evolution of ‘Changing Places’ begin!

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