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Producer Application – Demon Chart Show

Having presented on Demon FM for two years and had experience of presenting on two different strands, I wanted to try something different.

Being on the radio and involved more in the media has always been an aspiration of mine.

Over the years, I have always been aiming towards a career in radio, but I have been doing other things as well, so my radio ambition took a back seat.

But my involvement with Demon FM has encouraged me to pursue this ambition. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to step up, but I was up to a challenge.

This summer, I was just taking a break and I wasn’t intentionally looking out for it, but I saw applications were open for being producers on Demon FM next year.

When I saw these applications, it made me think back to my first year at De Montfort University. I remember thinking that in the third year, I wanted to be more involved with Demon FM.

I had to pinch myself as that only seemed like five minutes ago, but now third year was staring me in the face.

After thinking things through a number of times, I decided to apply for a producer position.

Filling out the standard information of my name and email address, I was asked to state what strand was I applying to be the producer of.

Glancing through the list, the Demon Chart Show caught my eye. I was really excited about the idea of being the producer of the Demon Chart Show.

I love the idea of being able to create and manage content based on the latest music and to allow my love for this type of music to show through, without outshining the presenters, of course.

Then I got asked why I was applying to for the position of a producer and have I got any producer experience.

Now I must say these parts were difficult to answer, not because I didn’t know what to say, but because I didn’t know how to articulate and express my answer in the right away.

I thought about it for a long time, before I wrote my answer. I think presenting on Demon FM for two years has given me an appetite for more.

I knew I feel I could apply my knowledge and experience towards the role and my insight into the role of a producer to know what is expected of me.

I was feeling quite upbeat as I was filling out this application, but then I saw the next question. Do you have any producer experience, if so what is it?

I felt deflated, I didn’t have any producer experience and this worried me as I would write that I didn’t have any producer experience and this would let my application down.

I accepted that I didn’t have any producer experience, but I answered the question in another way.

I expressed that although I haven’t got any producer experience, my involvement with Demon FM over the past two years has given me an insight into the role of a producer and I realise the pressures that are involved and I think I can add an extra dimension to the role.

Submitting my application, I could feel a great sense of pride and I couldn’t stop thinking that I have thoroughly enjoyed my involvement with Demon FM over the past two years and I would love to give something back to the station.

For a few days after I submitted my producer application, I got an email asking me to take part in a phone interview, following my application.

Nervous, I prepared for my phone interview. I wasn’t quite sure about what the questions would be, but strangely this way better. I felt I acted and answered better when I was put on the spot.

The phone interview began with, me naming a time I problem solved. Straight away, I felt confident and delivered my answer.

I felt my time with Birmingham PHAB Camps and on the fundraising committee gave me a lot of experience with problem-solving.

As part of this role, I am part of a team that organises fundraising events for the charity and we have the chance to help host these events and activities.

I thought this was a good example of problem-solving as we have to monitor everything closely and make sure everything runs smoothly up until the last detail. Making sure everyone has a great night and the event is a success.

Then we talked about the Demon Chart Show and I was prepared for this. I expressed my love for chart music and wanted to bring a more vibrant feel to it.

I want to keep it vibrant and current and reflect the taste of the campus and around the city.

I had the idea of providing more information about the tracks that appear in the charts, giving inside information and background to the track to make the connection between the listener and track stronger.

I wanted to make the Demon Chart Show and strand have a unique style and twist to each of the shows.

I must say that through I thought about how I would balance everything in my third year if I was successful in securing this role, I was lost for words when I was asked how I would balance everything.

I quickly collected my thoughts and thought logically about that I would know all of what is expected to me and organise and dedicate my time accordingly. I expressed that I would have everything organised and prepared ahead of the time, to the extent that if something didn’t go to plan, I would be able to sort it more easily as everything else would be in place.

Once I had finished the phone interview, I felt relieved and pleased. This feeling lasted about two days and then I started to get really anxious.

I kept checking my emails very regularly all that week, but when I didn’t receive anything, I started to doubt myself and I kept going over the things I had said in my application and in my interview, trying to spot if there was any point, I slipped up, anything that would prevent me securing the role.

I had to face that someone with producer experience was going to get the role, over someone who didn’t, like me.

After regularly checking and monitoring my emails for what seemed like months, I saw that a new email appeared in my mailbox. I didn’t hesitate, I opened it straight away.

I had opened it, without thinking and I quickly caught myself. I didn’t want to read it in case it was bad. After a few seconds, I glanced down and read the email.

I was successful. I am now the producer of the Demon Chart Show!

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