Changing Places

Changing Place’ facilities have recently come into existence and have enhanced

One of the reoccurring issues that I have faced when out in public is the lack of the correct facilitated disabled toilets. Granted there are a number of disabled toilets already in existence, but they are poorly equipped for disabled people.

This was until ‘Changing Places’ was introduced…

‘Changing Places’ is a brand-new facility which is brand-new and refurbished for everyone with a disability.

Immediately, Changing Places’ sets the right image by bearing a radar key lock. This demonstrates the correct attitude and prevents able-bodied people from using it, allowing those who in direr need of it to take priority.

Once inside, the facility is very spacious and is well-equipped with all of the equipment that meets all needs of a disabled person.

An important piece of equipment that is in the ‘Changing Places’ facility is a ceiling, track hoist. This enables anyone, despite the extent of the disability can use all of the equipment, even if they are not able to transfer independently.

The ceiling track hoist is on an H track which means it goes horizontal and vertical, allowing the disabled person to access all the equipment in the facility. This includes the toilet and the profiling bed.

The toilet within each of the ‘Changing Places’ facilities are centrally placed at the back of the room. This enables parents and carers, who need to assist the disabled person on and off the toilet to get either side of them in order to support them more effectively, without having to struggle to get either side of the toilet, like they would in a standard sized disabled toilet.

Next to the ceiling hoist, a piece of equipment that I am really grateful for is a privacy curtain or screen. I don’t know about others, but I feel very intruded when people have to toilet me and help me with personal care. I am grateful for their help and support, but I do struggle to do to go to the toilet when I can feel someone looking at me or know they are waiting for me. So, the privacy curtain or screen allows me to feel less self-conscious.

The ‘Changing Places’ facilities do not have a baby change facility with it, so this prevents a lot of waste and improves the cleanliness.

Still facilitating the needs of all disabled people, ‘Changing Places’ facilities have a height adjustable adult-sized changing bed/bench.

This accommodates those people with more profound disabilities and/or multiple learning disabilities, who may be slightly incontinent and cannot use the toilet independently.

The height adjustable adult-sized changing bed/bench has access to a wide tear off paper roll to cover the bench. After use, the bed/bench can be wiped down or the paper can be disposed of, ready for the next use, increasing the overall hygienic levels.

Leading on from this, the ‘Changing Places’ has a large waste bin for disposable pads and other such waste, so that people don’t have to worry about being discrete and conscious of where they are disposing the waste.

All of the ‘Changing Places’ facilities have non-slip floors. This reassures all the disabled people that are using the facilities that they don’t have to be too unsteady on their feet as the floor will not have items all over the floor as the floor should help you keep your balance.

The ‘Changing Places’ facility is a safe and clean environment, compared to the standard sized disabled toilets. It is maintained by the use of the radar key. People who do use the facility are respectful of the facility and each one that I have been in, I have seen that everyone that has used it has maintained the pristine environment they found it because they know how important and beneficial it is to them and people who are in similar situations to them.

When you go into public and you find a ‘Changing Places’ facilities, I would inquire whether the toilet is in working order. It’s better to be forewarned as to whether it is in working order, rather than being desperate for the toilet and finding it’s out of order.

Though there are the ‘Changing Places’ is well-equipped, I would take your own radar key and your own sling with you, ready to use. If you forget your radar key with you on that customer services will have one they can give to you, which you can return after use.





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