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My Second Year at De Montfort University – Societies


In the summer between my first year and second year, I decided that I wanted to continue to be a part of Demon Media, particularly DemonFM. Presenting on the afternoon show last year was very fun but I wanted a change. From the knowledge I picked up on last year, I know from experience that it is very hard to secure a place on any show on Demon FM, particularly the shows at prime time. Once I knew the producers who were in charge of each strand, I was able to get a handle on things and I was able to figure out which one I wanted to co-host on. I decided that I wanted to try and be a co-host on the home run show. Last year it was one which was in very high demand, I was unable to join and get a show as all the slots were filled. This year, however, I really wanted a slot, so I acted quickly and contacted the producer of the strand, during the summer to try and secure a slot. This forward-thinking worked, I got to co-host on the HomeRunShow on a Thursday from 4pm until 6pm.

Co-hosting the show with another person pleased me as I was able to consume more responsibility for putting together the show and the development of content. Also, without sounding big headed, it also gave me more airtime, compared to when I co-hosted with two others.

Compared to the afternoon show last year, the HomeRunShow was defiantly a step up. There were a lot more pressure and responsibility in comparison. The HomeRunShow was at a prime time, so more listeners were likely to tune in, so the content and show itself had to be slick and polished. I am so glad I had the experience of co-hosting radio shows on the afternoon show last year as it prepared me a lot more for the pressures of the HomeRunShow.

Though this year’s show was very intimidating, I felt I was more confident and more focused and I brought my experience and knowledge forward from last year’s show to this one. There was stricter rules and regulations on this show as it was on at a prime time.

This was difficult to start with, but I soon got a handle on it. As well as the extent of rules, we were on a tighter timescale in terms of delivering the extent of quality of the content we wanted to as well as being linked the content of every show to the songs we chose. Then, while making the songs and content of the show coincide, it was also important to link it all in with the content you post via social media to generate more listeners and allow more interaction between host and audience. Again this was difficult, but I was able to grasp it and it became the usual and the routine to do in every show I was on the live air.

Presenting on Demon FM never stops being intimidating, even more on the HomeRunShow. You know you are live and can be heard to hundreds, maybe thousands of listeners but I was able to push that to the back of my mind and just pretend to be talking to my co-host. I concentrated on delivering the content of each show to the best of my ability.

I loved the adrenaline rush that follows every show and the adrenaline rush was intensified by the extra pressure from the HomeRunShow, making the adrenaline rush 10 times better.

Being a presenter on the HomeRunShow was such an honour and achievement. Being on the home run show gave me a clearer understanding of what it truly like presenting in a prime-time slot. It truly was a big eye-opener into the industry and a clearer insight into the opportunities available in a radio station.





Wanting to join new societies this year, I took a look at the long list of the ones which were available to see if any caught my interest. One that caught my eye was ‘The Blogging Society.’ It was a great opportunity to meet and to get to know fellow bloggers.

We were able to socialise on regular basis and join together ‘workshops’ where we compared blogs, as well as joining to write content and enhancing our own blogs. It enabled us to create a community and help each other.

I found it really nice to meet people who were as passionate about blogging as myself. We all brainstormed ideas and themes for new posts which we then added to our own blog. At our socials, we tried to seek out new places to scope out and somewhat review on our blogs.

I have had time to reflect since finishing for the summer and I have been writing more entries for this blog, applying new themes and ideas.

Then it has further encouraged me to branch out and create a brand new blog, specifically with these new ideas and themes including reviewing restaurants, shops etc as regards to disability access and awareness.


Blogsoc Logo


At the very beginning of my first year at De Montfort University, I was very eager to join the Harry Potter Society. I had seen it on the De Montfort University’s clubs and societies website and I couldn’t wait to join. When I attended the Freshers Fair, not long after I started, I was saddened to find that the Harry Potter Society was no longer there. Apparently, it wasn’t too popular so they got rid of it. How can Harry Potter not be popular? It’s the best franchise ever!

Fast forward to this year, I was in-between classes and chilling in the student union, when I saw a red and black poster, with an image of Harry Potter’s round, black glasses. Glancing closer I saw that the Harry Potter Society had reformed and were meeting on that coming Thursday. I was so excited and I contacted the Harry Potter Society straight away via their Facebook page and asked whether I could attend the coming meeting. From then on, I attended all of the Harry Potter society meetings and enjoyed all of them. Every night but something different, all Harry Potter themed. From arts and crafts night to costume parties and Fan-Fiction night. I loved every Thursday night, I very much enjoyed discussing Harry Potter trivia with the same passion for Harry Potter, comparing our knowledge and opinions and views on the film series and book series. It allowed me to consider facts and theories that I wouldn’t have otherwise thought of.

I really enjoyed the Harry Potter Society nights and cannot wait to join again next year.




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