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My Thoughts of Joint Honours Degree So Far

My second year at university is very stressful, particularly on a joint honours degree. I appreciate that it some people may say it is the same as a single honours, but it is not. I agree that it is split equally in two halves of the degree. Each half has two units, which when together, it is the same as one single honours degree. In my opinion, a joint honours is challenging and difficult. If you were just studying one degree, you would be used to the way your degree wants things done, but with a joint honours degree, you have to get used to two different expectations from two different courses. Before you begin the degree, lecturers and tutors always tell you that they are aware of this degree being a joint honours degree and they work so its balanced. However, it seems that the parts they teach are the only important aspects of the degree.

Maybe I’m exaggerating.

Though I enjoy creative writing so much and I feel I have learned a lot, both as a professional writer and on personal level, I have found that I want to keep writing about subjects that I enjoy and stories I enjoy creating. I have decided that I want to pursue a more journalism related career. So as a result, I feel more stressed and pressured when there is journalism assignments and deadlines as I really want to do well, to learn as much as I can in order to peruse a career in journalism in the future.

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