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The Harry Potter Society

At the very beginning of my first year at De Montfort University, I was very eager to join the Harry Potter Society. I had seen it on the De Montfort University’s clubs and societies website and I couldn’t wait to join.

When I attended the Freshers Fair, not long after I started, I was saddened to find that the Harry Potter Society was no longer there.

Apparently it wasn’t too popular so they got rid of it. How can Harry Potter not be popular? It’s the best franchise ever!

Fast forward to this year, I was in-between classes and chilling in the student union, when I saw a red and black poster, with an image of Harry Potter’s round, black glasses.

Glancing closer I saw that the Harry Potter Society had reformed and were meeting on that coming Thursday.

I was so excited and I contacted the Harry Potter Society straight away via their Facebook page and asked whether I could attend the coming meeting.

From then on, I attended all of the Harry Potter society meetings and enjoyed all of them.

Every night but something different, all Harry Potter themed. From arts and crafts night, to costume parties and FanFiction night.

I loved every Thursday night, I very much enjoyed discussing Harry Potter trivia with the same passion for Harry Potter, comparing our knowledge and opinions and views on the film series and book series. It allowed me to consider facts and theories that I wouldn’t of otherwise thought of.
I really enjoyed the Harry Potter Society nights and cannot wait to join again next year.

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