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The Blogging Society

When I started my second year at De Montfort University, I knew I wanted to do some new things as well as continue with what I did in my first year.
Once I joined the Home Show on Demon FM, I decided to take a look at the other societies that were available at De Montfort University to see which other ones I would be interested in joining. One that caught my eye was ‘The Blogging Society.’
I thought this would be a great opportunity to get to know fellow bloggers and socialise, then this led to ‘workshops’ where we compared blogs and encouraged each other write more and how to enhance our own blogs as well other member’s blogs.
I found it really nice to meet people who are as passionate about blogging as me. We also shared opportunities to write about new things to add to our own blogs.
Then together we attended various places and review them on mutual blogs between us. As well as seeking out new places include in content for the posts on my blog, I also found new themes and subjects that I can use in future blog posts.
I have already planned blog posts which shows these new themes and ideas, but also enhance my writing as a whole. In all of my future blog posts and thanks to ‘The Blogging Society,’ I aim to branch out and attempt new things and experiences.

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