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Demon FM – Home Run Show

When I began my second year at De Montfort University, I knew I wanted to be back on Demon FM and present on a radio show again. But this time, I wanted to try a new approach.

Last year, I was a co-host on the afternoon show and now I had the chance to start again, either with the afternoon show or with another time slot.

At the chance of starting new, I tried to act quickly and be ahead of the game and even before I started the year.

I found out the name of the producer in charge of the home run strand, the strand that I wanted to join from day one, but then the slots were too much in high demand so I was unable to join back then.

I was constantly messaging the home run producer, asking her to consider for a time slot for a radio show. This paid off, I was able to secure a radio show, with one other person on a Thursday on home run, 4-6.

Co – hosting with one other student pleased me, I was relived. Though I was happy to co – host with two other students on the afternoon show last year was good, I liked this approach and the more responsibility I had this time around.

Having a show slot on the home run show was definitely a step up from the afternoon show last year, much more pressure and responsibility as it was prime time on radio as more people are thought to tune in.

I am so glad I had the experience of co-hosting radio shows on the afternoon show,  I brought my experience and knowledge forward from last year to this, which prepared me more this time around, compared to having non the first place.

Compared to the shows last year, I found this slot on the home run show more intimidating as there was a lot more pressure.

First because, every time we went live on air, I always had the greater number of listeners tuning in at the back of my mind, but also because there was stricter rules and regulations due to it being prime time on the radio.

We were on stricter time scales to present content on our show in order to keep listeners tuning into our show, particularly between the songs we play,

Though presenting on Demon FM never stops being intimidating, because you know you are live and can be heard to hundreds, maybe thousands of listeners, I still get the rush of adrenaline which follows every show.

Reflecting back on the shows that I co-hosted on home run, I have felt the adrenaline rush increase, I put this down to the added pressure that comes with presenting on the home run show.

Presenting on the home run show was definitely a bigger eye opener and I am so glad that I am so glad I had the opportunity to present on the home run show this year.

Being on the home run show gave me a clearer understanding of what it truly like presenting in a prime time slot and a clearer understanding of employment in a radio station.

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