Disability, My Life

Family Ties

We are the Abel family and we stand together.

We have always been a close-knit family. The strength of our family bonds has never been shattered.

The Abel family is just like yours, we have had our ups and our downs and defiantly our fair share of arguments and fallings out.

Our family is parted and is placed throughout the UK. My grandparents live just down the road and my auntie and her side of the family living in Pontypool, Wales, with my nan living in Perry Barr.

Then we have friends in Manchester, Stratford, London and Southampton. 

I live with my mum, the nurse, my dad, the architect, my brother, the teacher (currently living in Thailand) and then there’s myself, who is studying to become a writer/journalist.

We have had a lot of things thrown our way, first with my Cerebral Palsy, causing me to have limited use of my limbs and to have a wheelchair to get around; dad having kidney stones and suffering from a hernia in September last year, and mom being diagnosed with breast cancer when I was fourteen years old.

Still, with all this thrown at us, we have looked our fears straight in the eye and not flinched once.

Another obstacle was thrown our way, around my twenty-first birthday last year, when my mom was re-diagnosed with breast cancer.

It was like Deja vu, I was fourteen-years-old again. However, we could either look at it in a bad way, all doom and gloom, or not necessarily in a good way, but have a positive outlook.

See, one of the good things about Deja vu is things happen again and it did. All of our friends rallied around us once more.

My mom is amazing and she is fighting strong.

Now I’m not saying we’re are perfect, what family is?

All I’m saying is, keep a hold of those ties you hold close to your heart, you never know when you will need them.


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