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From this post onwards, my blog posts are officially current. As my blog hits the new year, I decided to look back on why I started this blog to begin with.

I suffer from Cerebral Palsy, which affects all four of my limbs, partially on my right arm, but mostly on my right leg and my entire left side.

I use an electric wheelchair to get around. I have been through a lot in twenty-one years and have had my fair share of challenges and I am not perfect, but then again who is?

The point is, I have tried to see the positive sides in all the difficulties I have had, and the horrible things I have to go with. So with this in mind, I created this blog.

The aim of my blog is for me as a disabled person to reach out to people and express how I feel about things and problems and challenges that I face in my life.

By writing about such things is a kind of therapy for me as it allows me to write everything down and offload and then it also helps me to see it all written down to make sense of it.

I also find that often when I have written it down, the problem seems more manageable, easier to deal with.

I hope to show this in my blog and I also hope my blog raises awareness and makes people more knowledgeable about the lives of disabled people and feel like they understand us better, becoming wiser to what we deal with in day to day life.

I also write, to be honest, and truthful about the issues I have in my life and how I have overcome those things and continued to live life to the best of my ability.

By writing this blog, I also hope to encourage those with similar difficulties to overcome their challenges in their own lives to live their lives and achieve what they want to and not let anything get in their way.

I am still working on updating my blog on a regular basis with current things that I go through in the world of disability.

Examples of this consist of how I feel about taxis or Cross – Country trains or how I feel toward people who are somewhat ignorant towards the disabled community and their attitudes and how these cause real hurt and offence to me.

I get contacted and told about how people feel, that it’s eye-opening and put across effectively. Some people, who see it via my social media, read and share it on their own so it can be read and acknowledged by the people on their social media.

One of the examples I have written; I was able to get it published as an article via the Leicestershire Press which I wrote about Donald Trump, the US President’s treatment of a disabled reporter, Serge Kovaleski, and how his comments and mimicking of the reporter was unacceptable and how his actions can also offend other disabled people.

Having it published and then providing the link to it on my blog, I received positive feedback and people told me that it was good to see my interpretation of the event and by providing my views, it allowed them to get an insight into how a disabled person can feel when such a situation can occur.

I look forward to continuing to writing this blog and writing about subjects which raise awareness, discussion and if I’m lucky, changes.

We need to be heard! Only then can there be changes #MYLIFEBLOG #Disability #Voice #Equality



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