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Year Two Challenges Ahead

When I began my second year of my degree at De Montfort University, I knew it would be a lot of work and it would defiantly be full of its challenges.

I knew this would be an important year, as it would involve a lot of preparation for the third year, and it is a big step up from level four to level five. Wanting to be ahead of the game, I looked at my assignments for each of the four units for the year and start getting my brain to engage so I wouldn’t be caught off guard when the deadlines were set.

Glancing over my full coursework handbook list, I saw my assignments and coursework broke down into four units as follows:

Practical Journalism 2

Feature One

Creating A Blog

Arts Review

Feature Two

5 8-page Supplement

For my first feature, which would be 750 words long; I decided to write about an incident with a taxi driver I had outside Birmingham New Street station.

I felt this would be a strong subject for my first feature. I hold these experiences close to my heart and I could really channel my emotions into it.

Looking at it now, I might have concentrated too much on the subject, rather than the structure of a feature. But we will see when they release my mark.

The second piece of coursework that I submitted for this unit was a 500-word blog post, either written for a new blog I am to start or one for a blog I currently write personally.

I was so excited for this as writing a blog post would be a submission for my coursework and it would also be another post I can publish on my own blog.

Just like my first feature, I decided to write another piece that I hold close to my heart. This time it was about the evolution of disabled toilets and the introduction of ‘Changing Places’ and the benefits of this to disabled people throughout the community. I submitted this piece on my last day before Christmas, so I am still awaiting my mark.

The next piece of coursework I have to write is a 500-word arts review and have an A4 layout to accompany the piece.

As I spend the majority of my free time at the cinema, I decided to write a film review on one of the latest films that I’ve seen.

Thinking about all of the films I’ve seen recently, I decided to write a film review based on Disney Pixar’s latest creation, Coco.

Another part of the unit is to write a second feature, that also 750 words long.

The subject of the feature was ‘childhood, family and friendship.’

I decided to write about a theme that was close to my heart which still affects a lot of people on a daily basis.

The final piece in this unit involves me working in a group to produce an eight-page supplement.

Having worked in a group to create a newspaper last year, I am anxious about this project but excited too. I hoped to work with the same group, I worked with last year, but unfortunately, the group that I was in had already formed so I went with another group.

Journalism Issues


Academic essay

Dissertation proposal

For my presentation, I decided to base it on, ‘How much influence do you think the news media has on the general public?’ I think it went well, but I am still awaiting my mark.

For my essay, I chose the question, ‘what kind of power does the media have? Discuss with reference to relevant theories and examples.’ I am a bit anxious about this part of the unit, but I finished it to the best of ability.

At the end of my first year, I had to choose whether to complete my final project in creative writing or to write a dissertation in Journalism.

I had to make the decision then because I am now spending my second year preparing for it. Taking everything into account, I finally choose to write a dissertation.

Planning for it now and as I know, my dissertation is worth such a lot in my university degree, I wanted to pick a subject which would be great for me to explore as part of my degree, but also something I can do for me on a personal level and a subject I can make reference to in my feature.

So, I decided to base my dissertation on ‘How Disability is represented in the Media’. This combines two of my passions and allows me to explore and discover the theories behind the subject as well as putting my own input in for it.

Word, Image & Sound

A Case Study of Choice

During the first term of the unit, we worked on two creative projects; audio-video story and hyperlinking in a piece of fiction and poetry.

Then during workshops, we were to work on a practice of each and then choose one to pursue in a case study for our first assignment.

Then create a reflective commentary to accompany this with the theories behind the creative piece and our choices we make while constructing it.

After considering all three creative practices, I decided to do a hyperlinked piece case study.

Though I knew I would struggle with this piece, I wanted to attempt something different, be more daring. If it doesn’t go to plan, then so be it.

At least I will give it my best shot and if I come across hyperlinking creative work again, then at least I will know what to do and can instruct others.

Word, Image and Sound Portfolio

The second assignment in this unit will involve me creating a type of portfolio, based on one of the elements, we studied in term two.

At present time, the options are between a monologue, audio writing, screenplay and a series of graphic novels.

Then I will have to write a reflective commentary to accompany my creative submission. As this assignment is worth the higher percentage of my mark for the unit, I will have to consider long and hard about which I will pick to do.

Originally, I considered constructing a comic strip and the series of graphic novels as my final project for this unit, but after learning about all of the different aspects, I have now decided to use parts of one of my stories to form a film or radio script.

Writing Place

A Creative Piece Based on a Place

The first assignment in the fourth and final unit of this year, involves me constructing a piece of creative work, with my own choice of place as the main focus of it.

After a lot of through, I decided to write my piece as an autobiography piece and base it on Birmingham New Street station.

I felt this would be my best option as I find it easier to be descriptive when I base it on an existing place and by writing it as an autobiographical piece, I could actually take the reader on a journey, allowing to experience what I experience at a train station.

To make sure I can build up a vivid image of the train station and include all of the props and other factors, I would have to research the place and complete a research journal of my findings.

I feel this will be easy as I visit the train station on a regular basis, I just have to be more vigilant when I am going to the station and make sure to record everything.

On forming this creative piece, I will write a reflective essay to accompany it.

Final Creative Piece & Portfolio.

The final assignment in this unit and of the year was to construct a creative submission in a form or genre of my choice. It will need to be based on something we did in workshops at any part of the year in this unit.

My creative submission will be accompanied by a reflective commentary as always.

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