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De Montfort University – Year Two On The Horizon

As the summer came to an end, I prepared to begin my second year at De Montfort University.

I have had a very active summer, going out and writing new stories and updating my blog. I have included images on each of my blog posts, so each of them stands out and there’s an element visualising on each of the posts I put on my blog.

I hope by doing this that I make my blog look more appealing and professional. Although my blog’s schedule is behind itself and is on a delay, the material I am writing is up to date and I am officially on top of it now.

I also was able to build some great summer memories with India, I have photographs, which I take fourth to university with me and keep them with me.

As university time approached closer, my blog and story writing had to be put on hold as I started my second year

Throughout my summer break, I was constantly on the fence about whether to complete a journalism dissertation or a creative writing portfolio in a shape of a portfolio.

Thinking it through, again and again, I finally came to the decision to continue on the path I have picked for myself at the end of last year.

I decided to continue and build myself up and do the preparation to be able to complete a journalism dissertation in the third year.

Though I feel that I will always have my doubts about this decision, I knew the best pass would give me the best options and a clearer perspective on what I want to do after I graduate.

Also, I’m making this decision I also decided to continue on being able to write my own stories and the short pieces of fiction in my spare time to fill the void that I feel when I think about refusing to do the creative writing portfolio.

Either way I preferred be able to work on my own stories in my spare time, as they will become my stories and my pieces of writing as opposed to the stories, I will try and mould my ideas into to fit a brief.

As well as sorting out the important aspects and got them finalised, I moved into organising the more fun parts of university life, the fresher’s tickets.

Using my freshers experience from last year, I decided not to acquire a Freshers wristband for this year as I knew that I wouldn’t attend a number of the freshers events that was included on the wristband and therefore wouldn’t get enough work for my money.

Based on the events that I attended last year and my experiences of them I just got the individual ones for me and my pie that I would actually attend and this proved to be very beneficial and much better.

Last year, I was very lucky to have a timetable, which gave me two days off including the Monday, which benefited me on the weekend that I wanted to come home.

I did wish for a similar timetable this year but my hopes will not high as I knew the second year at De Montfort University would involve a lot more classes and a lot more work.

On receiving my timetable, I think it was just how I expected it to be. Unfortunately, I did not have Monday off I only had Wednesday off.

My classes were scheduled throughout the day without many breaks and it looked like I had a few early starts with a few late finishes.

Oh well. You can’t have everything…


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