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De Montfort University Open Day – Live on Stage with Demon FM

While I was at university for the first time, I hoped to become a student ambassador and show protective students around Southampton Solent University on their open days.

However due to the circumstances, I encountered during my year there, I was unable to become a student ambassador at Southampton Solent University. Instead I spent a few of the weekends while I was homeward bound as a student ambassador at Bournville College.

I was very eager to assist them in their open days where I spent two fantastic years studying Level 3 Extended Diploma Creative Media Production.

I wanted to be able to express my admiration for the college and its facilities for potential protective students.

I also wanted to ensure those with disabilities new to the amazing support that is offered there and is still offered there.

Being a student ambassador at Bournville College allowed me to build up my confidence and courage to participate in future open days at De Montfort University.

When I started at De Montfort University, I fully intended to become a student ambassador as soon as I started at the institution. I signed up and started to receive all of the information about future open days and the dates, which they would take place.

Though I read every email that I received from them and I wanted very much to assist, I could not find an open day that I would be able to attend, due to prior commitments.

Finally, I had an opportunity to participate in an open day in the late summer this year. The opportunity came when I received a notification from the Demon FM Facebook membership group, one of the producers were asking for volunteers to participate and present on the main stage during the open day.

Though I felt very nervous, I volunteered to help out and prepared for the day. As the day came closer, I grew considerably more anxious as I would be speaking live on a stage in front of an actual, physical audience.

I know that some people may think it’s only slightly different to presenting in the studios, live on Demon FM, I find it different as in the studio, I feel the audience is invisible and that I was talking to my friends in my bedroom, but presenting live on stage, I couldn’t.

However, on the day, I felt really eager to seize the opportunity and I felt reassured that I had a team of people with me so we could bounce off each other and improvise as long as we kept to the schedule and the script for the day.

At first, I found it was intimidating and daunting but like I did when I first presented in the Demon FM studios, I soon picked it up, got into the flow of it, I got more confident.

During the day, I got into it and I found it was a way to express myself about the University, the support and the facilities there.

The day was truly a great day and I enjoyed myself so much, being able to be out there with everyone else.

I can’t wait to do it again as a student ambassador or as a member of Demon FM on the stage. I loved the experience it gave me and being paid £8.50 an hour each time is pure bonus.


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