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Harry Potter & The Cursed Child Part One & Two

A year ago today, I turned 21 and my mom and dad brought me tickets to see Harry Potter & The Cursed Child Part One  & Two at the Palace Theatre.

Since I can remember I have been a HUGE fan of Harry Potter and everything related to it. I have been watching all of the films and reading the books since I can remember.

I was absolutely heartbroken when the last book and film were released. Then I found out that J K Rowling had released a play script based in the wizarding world, which is set nineteen years after the seventh book.

The story is based on Harry in his grown up life, his role in the magical world and his relationship with his friends, old enemies, his wife and children.

Purchasing the book, I have been unable to put it down, then when I found out that the script was being transformed into a stage play, I was so excited and I searched everywhere for tickets.

Due to such high demand for the tickets, they sold out and remained sold out for months, even a year, so when my parents told me that we had tickets for that July, I was excited and beyond words!

While we were waiting to go, I had been trying to get hints about the play from my friend, who had got to see the play before me, but no luck, she wouldn’t give anything away.

I was practically jumping in my seat as we made our way to the Palace Theatre where Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Part One was being preformed.

While walking through the West End, I was able to admire the amount of plays that was showing throughout; Aladdin the musical I would love to see and Matilda the Musical which I have already seen but would love to see again, there was also The Lion King, my second favourite play next to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and I will put this on my list to see again the next time I can.

After our meal and feeling full to bursting, we weaved our way through the crowds to the theatre. The first time I saw the theatre was through my friend’s photographs, which were taken when she came to see the play.

I was really excited to finally see the outside of the theatre in person, but to my disappointment, there was a great amount of scaffolding surrounding the theatre which prevented me from getting too close to the front, so I had my photos taken of me there from a side on view.

After going through the back doors into the theatre, we found that the theatre space quite wide and I had plenty of room to maneuver my chair around and get to my seat.

This was great as I find it difficult to maneuver in tight spaces and always feel apprehensive about bumping into people.

My parents and I managed to sit next to each other in comfort. I found the disabled seat was very spacious, I was able to have legroom and it didn’t feel too cramped.

Our seats were quite far back and slightly elevated from the others, giving us a great view.

Unfortunately, everyone who goes to see the play can’t reveal the content or the techniques, which are done to bring the play to life; we are band by J K Rowling herself.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole way through the first half of the play and in the interval; I sat back and marveled in everything I had seen.

During the interval, many people were getting out of their seats and going into the back part of the theatre.

Looking back, I saw there was a step and up the step was a shop full of merchandise and survivors, all linked to the play and the wider world of Harry Potter, which were all up for purchase.

I attempted to climb the step to go and have a look but I was unable too. However a very nice assistant, who reassured us at the start of the performance that she would be on hand if we needed anything; handed me a booklet.

The booklet listed all the souvenirs available and told me to tell her what souvenirs I would like and she would get them for me by the end of the show that night.

Giving her my order and the mone, she very kindly went into the shop for me, while I resumed my seat and the second half of part one began.

Watching the play, I paid close attention to every detail, it was crazy, the attention to detail and I was on the edge of my seat, determined to not miss anything.

I was waiting on tenterhooks to see where the play would end, ready to continue the next night.

Unfortunately I cannot reveal where it ended, but it definitely was a great cliffhanger.

When the curtains came to a close and lights came on, the audience clapped and groaned at the same time. They also I didn’t want it to end.

While everyone else made their way out of the theatre, the very nice assistant returned with the souvenirs; a poster which I could put on my wall in my room in Bede Hall, Leicester and also an official Harry Potter and Cursed Child T-Shirt which I could wear during part two the next night.

As we joined the crowd moving out of the theatre and getting into fresh air, my Mom admitted that the original intention was to only get me tickets to part one for my 21st, but thanks to a change of decision, I was coming to see part two the following night and I was so pleased.

There was no way I could of watched part one and see a cliff hanger like that and not see how it was resolved or what would happen next.

As we weaved way through more busy crowds and walked through the West End to get to the tube station, my mind was buzzing the play and I became preoccupied.

When we stopped for a drink of water, my dad realised that the bag of souvenirs that I had brought that night was gone.

Retracing our steps, we found the bag in the middle of a road, a few miles from the theatre.

Retrieving the bag, we saw that it had been run over a few times. I feared that my purchases have been ruined and I would have had to replace them all on the next night. I was lucky; my T-Shirt was all right and my poster was a bit crumpled.

The following night, we tread the familiar path to the Palace theatre, we found the West End was slightly more busy than the night before; Friday night was probably one of the busiest nights to go and see a West End show.

Getting close enough to the palace theatre we manage to take a few photographs outside, in front of promotion posters and the theatre itself.

I got my parents to take as many as possible to be able to cherish the memories. We managed to get into the theatre and into our seats just in time for the lights to go down and the play to start.

The play began exactly where it finished the night before and the cliffhanger slowly resolved and played out.

Having not read the playbook in full before I came to see the live action on stage, I didn’t know what was going to happen which made all the more enjoyable. I admired the actors and actresses attention to detail of their roles and the storyline.

At the time of the interval, the nice assistant from the night before came to us and asked whether we wanted any more souvenirs from the shop, it was time to make a decision.

Quickly scanning the booklet, I decided to purchase a Harry Potter and the Cursed Child notebook to add to my ever growing notebook collection.

I considered buying a Harry Potter and the Cursed Child pen and a pencil to go with the notebook, but thanks to my very generous friend who came to the play before me, I already had them; so I chose to get a Harry Potter and the Cursed Child lanyard to use at University.

As the second half began, I focused on every second, determined not to miss a moment. However, my dad who has not seen a single one of the Harry Potter films nor has he read any of the books and did not understand what was going on, so he wasn’t really paying attention. To soon however, the play ended.

Shedding a few tears and clapping louder than everyone else, I got up and made my way out of the theatre with my parents. Not wasting a chance we stood outside of the theatre and took as many photos as we could.

Once we got back to the flat, we headed straight to bed and I lay there wide awake. I couldn’t sleep so I wrote a mini review of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Part One & Part Two to go on their Facebook page as follows:

“Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was unbelievably fantastic, I absolutely loved it. I wish I could rate the play more than 5 stars.

All elements of the seven books and eight films are captured greatly and there was such attention to detail. The characters, new and original were portrayed fantastically.

There were great special effects that brought the play to life, I can’t exactly put into words, but it was incredible.

There is a great level of merchandise available to buy, but is all very expensive. Make sure you take a lot of money to be able to buy the souvenirs, because some are worth it.

As far as I know, the play is officially sold out for a long, long time, so try and get tickets as early as possible. A must see for all Harry Potter fans. #Keep The Secret.


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