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Demon Media

At the activity fair during freshers week, I joined Demon Media as I planned to do from the first day of university.

To get as much information as I could about the society, I picked up leaflets and a mini posters about all the strands.

Within the society, I could get involved in the university’s magazine, ’The Demon’, DemonTV the university’s television studio, DemonTech, where students would help deal with all the equipment needed within the society, Demon’s Social Media team where students promote all that happens in the Demon Media society, Demon Online, the society’s website where articles and videos written or made by De Montfort University students and finally Demon FM, the student radio station.

I knew that it would only be practical to join a few of the strands within Demon Media due to the amount of commitment each had and then the commitment I’d made to my studies.

When considering each of the strands to join, I glanced over all the leaflets and posters that I was given in the activities fair and I took into account which ones I would find the most fun, which would help me form the best friendship groups and above all which would help me gain the most experience and skills, benefiting me the most in the future.

After thinking for a long time and reading the leaflets; I signed up to Demon’s social media team as I could enhance the skills I had already gained in previous social media roles and try new skills.

I also decided to join and write for ‘The Demon’ magazine and Demon Online, where my articles could be reconised,  showcased and published, which I could then add to an online portfolio.

Finally I signed up to  Demon FM in which you could be a part of a real radio station and host your own show on a radio station. I have wanted my own show since I was interviewed live  on BBC WM, on Birmingham PHAB Camps’ behalf in an attempt to raise funds and sponsorship.

I felt that rush of adrenaline when being interviewed and couldn’t help imagining myself as a presenter.

I was also lucky enough to see a live radio studio in action and it intrigued me. Then I heard Demon FM doesn’t just broadcast around the university but throughout Leicester on 107.5. I couldn’t wait to be apart of it!

This hope for my own radio show increased when I took part in the Demon FM Taster day. We got to take part in a live radio show and in the studio, it caught me off guard and it was awesome. Then I listened to the official show with jingles and everything. I couldn’t wait to get started.

As well as this, I was also interested  in becoming a Demon Social Media Strand Assistant and help create content and assist them in updating the social media sites.

Once I emerged myself in the society, I started to go out and go to the socials and have fun and get to know everyone. One of the socials that stood out in my mind was the Demon Media Halloween Social.

On the night of the Halloween social, I got together with a group of friends who were also going to the social and we got ready together.

We all decided to dress up in different outfits and costumes to each other, but themed ourselves so we co – ordinated.  Sitting still for at least 45 minutes, my friend transformed me into a skeleton.

After the rest of the group got ready, we headed into town. As we made our way to the university, we saw people staring at us when we walked through town to get to the social.

Yes we were a few days late celebrating but that’s what students do, drag out any holiday or celebration. Any excuse for a party!

Getting closer to the club, I suddenly feared that we may of got the theme of the party wrong or we would be the only ones in fancy dress.

The room was packed, everyone from each strand, first years, second years and third years were all in Halloween costumes.

There were members dressed up in a range costumes including  pumpkins or a zombie even a dead flower. It really did look like ‘one family.’

The drinking games had already started so we joined in and played “catch up.” Having already had pre drinks while we got ready, playing ‘catch up’ was probably not a good idea.

After a round of drinks and banter between the group, we started playing a few games. Having being at university for five weeks, I knew majority of the games that was being played. It involved a lot of card games and drinking, then forfiting and drinking more.

Vodka and coke had become my “usual” and I had a lot of it. We then participated in Halloween themed drinking games. I still remember that song people sang when people forfeited in the games, “we like to drink to drink with ********* because ********* is our mate and when we drink with ********* they down their drink in 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1.”

During the evening, different people from different strands in Demon Media came and spoke to me.

Being new to Demon Media, I asked them to tell me about what their role was and what they do. Then people from Demon FM started to talk to me about the university’s station and how I could get involved.

I sort of remember them giving me the information and offering to try and get me a show on the radio, but I wouldn’t be able to tell who I spoke too and about which strand. I remember I  nodded and shook my head a few times, I hope I agreed to the right things.

Waking up the next morning, I had a banging headache and black eyebrows. Urg. I had lectures in an hour.

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