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As the time to go to university approached, I started to research opportunities and vacancies in Leicester, in which I could do beside my course to build my experience and CV.

It is also be a great way to form friendship groups other than I would at De Montfort University. By researching, I came across various opportunities that looked interesting but one in particular caught my eye.

It was a blogging opportunity on a website called Society19 Blogging. This blogging website is written by university students for first year university students who are in, or about to start their first year – and they were looking for more students to join their team.

Looking through the website I saw there were different sections named after different universities.

Students from all over the city were joining the website and writing about their experience with the university they had chosen.

Eager to have an opportunity to write for an official website, I signed up, gave them my email address and awaited more information.

After a few weeks  I received an email from Society19 offering me more information about this opportunity and asked whether I wanted to continue and take this opportunity.

I loved the idea, it would give me a chance to talk with others about their own experiences with university. It would give me  the chance to exercise my creative writing abilities as well as chances for publication.

Re reading all the information I confirmed everything with my fellow Society19 bloggers. My fellow blogger then responded to my email, with a list of genaralised blog post titles which I could use for my writing.

  • 20 thoughts every fresher has the summer before uni
  • 20 things to do in (YOUR CITY)
  • 10 best restaurants in (YOUR CITY)
  • 20 things to do in (YOUR CITY) in the summer
  • 20 signs you go to (YOUR UNIVERSITY)
  • 20 tips for freshers attending (YOUR UNIVERSITY) next year
  • Freshers guide to living in XXX campus hall of residence
  • 20 questions to ask your flat mates before uni starts
  • Ways to adjust to your first year at (YOUR UNIVERSITY)
  • 20 things every (YOUR UNIVERSITY) student should know
  • 20 tips for first year students
  • 20 things you would have never thought to bring to uni
  • 20 resources (apps/websites) every uni student needs to know
  • The ultimate (YOUR UNIVERSITY) bucket list


Reading through the list, I saw I had plenty of room for creativity, I liked how I could write about my own experiences with my city, Birmingham as well as my choice of university, De Montfort University.

Examining the list closer, I saw that I was very limited on what I could write as most of the titles involved me actually attending the university before I knew the answers to half of the titles, therefore I would struggle on developing enough content for the blog tittle. I selected a few tittles and brainstormed ideas for each.

Once I had done this, I selected one, putting the others to one side to write at a later date. Following getting in contact with my fellow blogger via email I told her I had chosen “20 Signs To Go To De Montfort University”

I thought I would be able to write about the elements that I liked about De Montfort University and what let me to making my final decision. I was then given a two week deadline to submit my piece.

Glancing over my notes for this blog title, I decided to write about the aspects that first attracted me to the university.

The DMU Website, Open Days, Halls of Residence, Dominos, Active Atmosphere, Diversity, Food Court, The Courses, My Course, Facilities, The Tutors and Students, Small Classroom Sizes, Student Support, Student Union, Clubs and Societies, Demon Media, Undergraduate Chat Rooms, Facebook Groups, City Centre, Good Transport Links and Freshers Week.

Once I determined my blog post sub headers I started to bullet point the content I would use under each sub header, while trying to cast my mind back, making sure I hadn’t missed out anything.

Slowly as I started to constructing paragraphs and details and it started to take shape. As I wrote my blog post, I enjoyed the way I was able to express myself and persuade other students to chose De Montfort University.

After drafting the piece and then re drafting it again several times, I managed to write a piece worthy of submission.

I happily submitted my piece – ready for another opportunity to write for this official blogging website.

While I was waiting for feedback on my blog post, I received word that my official account with Society19 had been set up.

Receiving my login details I gained access to the various blog titles which I could write at a later date.

Shortly after I received these details, I received an email regarding the blog post I’d submitted. Guess what? It has been published.

15 Reasons To Go To De Montfort University

Here any many reasons why I chose to study at De Montfort University (DMU). I thought I would share some of these with you.

I will highlight the main ones to help YOU consider which university to go to. The reasons are as follows:


When starting to look at universities there’s nothing worse than the university’s website being difficult to navigate, resulting in you not being able to find the crucial information you need to make the right choice of which university to go too.

DMU’s website is a one with bight colors, great images, all with clear objectives and drop down bars under each section all with useful information.


Well organised. Fun. Imaginative. The open days have been a great way to get a taste of DMU in a day, seeing and learning from the students and staff as well as the facilities and support there.

Then there’s hearing about the fantastic opportunities available for you as a student.


De Montfort University has a number of halls where students can stay during their time at university, all which are in a central location and in walking distance of the university.

I find all of the halls of residence have their own qualities that make them unique. Bede Hall, the one I will be staying at – in particular has good sized bedrooms, all amenities and huge kitchens.

The halls of residence are split into small blocks which help students being make friends and be sociable. All this, and more, surrounding a lovely courtyard.


The atmosphere both in and around the university is lively and vibrant. Straight away you can see this and its infectious.

All staff and students are bubby and friendly and so enthusiastic about the university and the opportunities available. There is something for everyone.  Never a dull moment…


The university thrives on diversity, encouraging students from all backgrounds to come forward and study at the De Montfort.

The university is very respectful to people’s religions, disabilities and uniqueness, helping them and others gain a better understanding and help them acknowledge one another.


There are a number of tasty treats available at De Montfort University such as the food court on campus which offers food from all over the world.

There’s a great choice and a wide range to suit all tastes. Students can sit together but all have different food, making it their choice.

The way the food is made fresh and the way it is presented makes it really appetising. The prices of this food  are affordable, allowing us as students to keep on budget.

Within feet of Bede Halls was a Dominos pizza and a desert Pala. Great. I can go out at night and then go and have Dominos to soak up all the alcohol and for the naughty treat.

A Dominos and a naughty treat is also the perfect accompaniment to a late night at the library and they closes at 5am. OMG. Couldn’t get any better than that!


One of the main reasons I had for applying to De Montfort University, is the wide range of courses available.

They are all designed to provide students the highest chances at gaining employability. In addition, the courses offer both theoretical and practical modules to help the student learn first, then to put this learning into practice.

Personally I have chosen to study BA (Hons) Creative Writing and Journalism. It really appealed to me as it’s a joint honors of two subjects I love.

Creative writing provides a way of challenging myself as well expressing myself. The journalism aspect of the course allows me to design thought provoking articles and draw on my previous experiences to influence my writing.

I hope that in the future the knowledge and experience I gain will help me accomplish my dream of being an author or a journalist on the radio.

The university is newly built and is modern, with employability and students in mind and to help them achieve the best possible results, the university has a range of high tech facilities at their disposal to use.

For example they have their own television studios and radio studios that I would use as part of my degree.


The tutors and students of the university are very bubbly, friendly and helpful and so are the students.

Something that caught my eye is that the tutors have experience in particular parts of the course – helping us as students learn and get the most we can and be coached properly to achieve our goals.


Another appealing aspect of the university is the  small number of students learning in the classroom.

This helps students and tutors  get to know each other more personally and obtain more tailored feedback to our own work; focus on teaching and learning.

Having a small amount of students in classes is more likely to lead to a richer learning experience which will enable the tutors to be more personable with us and assist us to get the most out of the course, improving our chances of employability in the future.


There are a number of different services available within the student support at De Montfort University.

There is a counseling service for those who are home sick or have any issues that may cause them to struggle with the course.

There also is a student services to help those with particular needs, developing a support plan and talking to tutors to help them as they go through their course.

I would be sure to keep both of these in mind in my years of study at De Montfort University.


The student union at De Montfort University is run by a number of enthusiastic students who want new and existing students to get the best out of life at university.

There are various possibilities open for students to take advantage of, clubs and societies, helping out around the university or volunteering opportunities.

Personally I am look forward to becoming a student ambassador to help out at the open days and other university events.


There’s a range of clubs and societies available. There are ones to suit all interests and hobbies, and they will create more on request.

There are even ones for those who don’t like going out or drinking much, such as a film club.

The range is from cocktail society to the Harry Potter society. There is something for everyone.

Personally I am joining the Harry Potter society as its a fascination of mine, as well as the society Demon Media, the university’s own media organisation as it has their own magazine and radio station.

The society and organisation is very well known by those at the university and people in Leicester.

Students who are a part of Demon Media have access to their television and radio studios as well as having the opportunities to have their articles published in the Demon magazine.

This is both a great way to make friends and socialise as well as the perk gaining industry experience.


To try and relieve an element of new student’s stress levels, the university have undergraduate chat rooms which are provided in the run up to the start date.

These chat rooms are run by current students from each facility in the university who are able to  answer any questions or address any queries and concerns for the new prospective students.

These are offered regularly and all the students who have already took part were really responsive to it.

As social media is such a big aspect of lives, the university has set up a number of Facebook groups new students can join before starting at the university.

I highly recommend these, as they are a great way to locate and get to know people on your course as well as in your halls of residence, which helps relieve an element of anxiety before the students even start.

This creates and expands friendship groups. You as students can also find out about top news at De Montfort University and freshers events.


The city centre is one side of the town, with the halls of residence on the other, the university is positioned in the midway point between them both, all in walking distance of each other.

The shops in Leicester are fab, there is a great variety of shops, both individual shops and a big shopping centre to get any necessitates or for a guilty shopping trip.


The city of Leicester has good transport links. Most places are walk-able but for those which aren’t,  they are efficient bus and train services that run regularly.


There are lots of activities and fresher events happening not only in freshers week but during the academic year.

As there is an increased amount of freshers activities and events during freshers week, De Montfort University sells a wristband compact with many events, covering all the entry fees during that time.

There are lots of alternative fun things on offer to suit all tastes. Freshers is a great part of university life and shouldn’t be missed.

Here is the link to the full article:

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