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PHAB Sponsored Walk – Disney Princess’ & Marvel Superheroes

Birmingham PHAB Camps are a local charity that benefits young people with various disabilities to grow in confidence and participate in activities that they wouldn’t usual do.

All money is raised through regular events such as sponsored walks and wheels, themed parties and quizzes.

As well as events, the charity also receives donations from people either involved or from the general public.

One method of fundraising that is very successful, is a sponsored walk/wheel in May/June time around Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham.

Those who undertake the walk/wheel download a sponsorship form to fill out with sponsors prior to the walk then they complete between 1 and twenty miles to raise as much money as they can.

Participants can walk, use their or a wheelchair, a bike or roller skates, its the participation that is encouraged.

It an event that generates a great deal of income for the charity that all goes towards the summer camps.

There is lots of social interaction with able-bodied and wheelchair users alike. It is an opportunity for those involved to see each other again in between the camps and it is an effective and fun way to raise money.

Another positive impact this event has on the charity is it gives them another chance to get themselves known to others in the park.

They have poster boards up about what the charity does leaflets to hand out, but probably the most beneficial was there were volunteers on hand to explain the charity’s aims and goals.

To make each sponsored walk/wheel different and unique, more fun and memorable, there is a different theme; everyone is encouraged to dress up although it isn’t compulsory.

In the year of 2016 was Disney princess’ and Marvel Superheroes.  There were lots of people who dressed up and got into the sprit.

Personally I wore a Mickey Mouse jumper with black leggings, but my favorite costume was a Minnie mouse costume. A red dress with white Pokka dots on it and a black headband with big ears.

That year, it was a really hot day and I managed to complete seven miles around the park before my wheelchair struggled to keep a decent pace.

This wasn’t helped by me having me to keep stopping as people who were also participating in the walk wanted to say hello and catch up. I really enjoyed this.

When you finish you receive a certificate of how many miles we have covered. There is a reward for those who participate in the walk/wheel.

A bar of chocolate to give to you to munch as you leave. Yum. Yum.


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