Disability, My Life

Birmingham PHAB Camps & West Midlands Laundry Club

As part of my work with Birmingham PHAB Camps I approach people and companies asking for sponsorship for the charity.

Through 2016, I had tried contacting many companies and organisations, however I had very little success.

After speaking to my loved ones and various other people for some advice on how to acquire sponsorship, my granddad offered to help me – by speaking a few people about the possibility of sponsorship and come back to me. Since retiring, my granddad is on the committee for the West Midlands Laundry Club.

This club holds various dinner parties and events throughout the year, one of which is a dinner dance where they raise money for two local charities.

Hearing about Birmingham PHAB Camps the laundry club offered to consider the charity for sponsorship, my granddad suggested this might be a good way to get a generous donation as well as some exposure for Birmingham PHAB Camps.

They asked for me to make a formal request for the sponsorship, through a formal proposal.

I developed a formal proposal on the impact of the charity and the consequences of the decrease in sponsorship that I then sent it to the head of the committee at the West Midlands Laundry Club.

Soon I received correspondence from the head of the committee to tell me that the laundry club will most definitely list Birmingham PHAB Camps as one of the two charities that they will raise money for this year.

I was very excited and pleased that I could return to Birmingham PHAB Camps with some great news!

After raising money at their dinner/dance in November 2015 they invited me to a committee dinner at The Eton Hotel in March 2016 where I would receive the cheque for Birmingham PHAB Camps and give a speech on their behalf.

Speaking to the chairperson of the charity, I asked her whether she wanted to come along to help me represent the charity at the dinner and to receive the cheque with me on the night.

Unfortunately, she was on one of their camps during that week so would be unable to attend. After we were served a lovely three-course dinner (free of charge) I was introduced to the club and I gave my speech, although I was well prepared I was very nervous.

I described what Birmingham PHAB Camps do and the impact they have on the young people they help, explaining to them that the chairperson is currently on a camp and sends her apologies.

Then I described my personal experience with the charity, what it means to me and the lasting impact it now has on my life.

Having become too old to join in on the participation of the camps, I am now part of fundraising committee and help organise fundraising events during the year as the charity means a lot to me.

Finally, I expressed the importance of the sponsorship and what would happen if the charity did not receive enough funds.

On finishing my speech, the charity and I got a round of applause and was praised for the work we do, then I was presented with the cheque of £660, equal to two young people going on the camps.



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