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Creative Writing and Journalism Challenge

It was a few weeks after receiving my unconditional offer to study Creative Writing and Film Studies; De Montfort University contacted me again this time regarding my Creative Writing and Journalism application.

They informed me that my application had been shortlisted and they were still considering it.

In order for them to continue considering my application, they wanted me to complete a list of tasks, including submitting a short piece of writing to them in order for them to assess my skills further.

I soon received a letter with this list of tasks for me to complete and the time scale I am to complete it.

Within a two-week period, I had to write and submit a short piece with a maximum of 400 words of creative writing with the theme of ‘LEAVES’, using the theme in any way I wish.

I was to then re read and re-draft the piece, followed by writing and submitting a maximum 500 word reflective statement, outlining the aims of the piece, an account of the writing and drafting process, my responses to any feedback I received as well as critical and analytical assessment of the piece as a whole.  I then had a second task to complete and submit.

The second task was to write a maximum 500 words statement on why you would like to study creative writing at university.

Taking a deep breath, I embraced my tasks and set to work. Looking at how detailed the task was and the different components involved, I started to panic.

Having to write one piece, with the theme of ‘Leaves’ seemed an unusual and difficult subject and to have to stick to a 400 word limit would make it even more challenging. I took another deep breath and started to brainstorm ideas for the piece and in what context would use the them.

Next step was to decide on which of the ideas that I brainstormed would be the strongest out of them to turn into a piece of writing suitable to the task at hand.

My decision was to write about a girl called Samantha who had been adopted and her adoptive mother had always avoided the subject oh her birth mother and been afraid to ask, fearing her mothers reaction.

This becomes a complication when she is given a history project to create a family tree, each of the leaves resembling each member of their family, looking into her past and seeing how much they can find out, Samantha has to finally accept that its time, that she has to swallow her fears and nerves and finally ask her mom the truth about her birth family.

The creative piece was set in a classroom when Samantha is set the family tree project, causing her to experience different kinds of emotions.

The story develops inside her head as if she’s actually having the nerve racking conversation with her mom ending on a cliff hanger when she comes back to reality, the audience is left wondering.

When I re-drafted the piece, I kept the foreground of the piece but used a wider range of vocabulary to make the piece more descriptive to create further imagery.

Along with this I also changed the tone of the second piece to portray more empathy between audience and character.

The next task presented another challenge; in 500 words I was to write a reflective statement with all the different components.

Once I’d established a subject for my creative piece I outlined the aims of the piece, emphasising the importance and value of a family tree.

I found writing an account of the writing and drafting process was easy for me to do as I had kept the brainstorm that I did before I constructed my creative piece.

I found this a very effective process. Writing about my response to the feedback I’d received was easier than I expected.

I found the feedback I’d received very useful; it helped me shape my creative piece. It actually taught me to accept feedback in my writing as a whole.

The critical and analytical side was quite challenging to write. To be able to reflect on my work critically was difficult, as I had to evaluate every small detail and reflect on it stating what I liked and disliked about each detail of the creative piece. However I did feel more at ease as I continued to write the reflective piece, soon feeling more confident to write more reflective pieces in the future.

The task of writing and submitting a 500 words statement on why I would like to study creative writing at university was much easier to write, as it was one of greatest ambitions in life.

I was able to write and reflect on each of my creative writing experiences and what I enjoyed.

Then I expressed how the elements of creative writing degree would help enhance and strengthen my writing ability in my ambitions to become a writer in the future.

As I liked the look of this particular course out of the four courses I applied to, I threw all my focus and effort into the tasks feeling determined to show my skills in my writing and to show the university that I was a strong candidate.

After submitting the tasks through email to the university I had a very nervous wait. Becoming increasingly anxious I kept watching my emails waiting for a response to my application.

After three long weeks of anxious waiting I finally received an email from De Montfort University and had offered me a unconditional place. I was absolutely delighted!


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