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University Requests

Having been to all of the open days, I anxiously awaited correspondence from all the universities I applied too.

Having this new outlook on university and considering everything I saw on the open days, I decided to apply to Birmingham City University – Media & Communications Radio, Newman University Birmingham – Creative Writing, De Montfort University Leicester – Creative Writing and Film Studies and Creative Writing and Journalism.

After incorporating my creative writing and media achievements into my application, I submitted it to each university and waited for anxiously for replies.

After reviewing my Media & Communications Radio application, Birmingham City University invited me to an applicant day where I attended a short interview, as well as a tour the university and the facilities I would be using. Knowing it would be a long day I arranged to do my interview before the tour, this made me very nervous, as I felt unprepared; I was hoping to pick up on a few things during the tour that I could use in the interview. However I was glad to get the interview over and done with. At the interview, I explained how my experience at Solent University led me to now wanting to study radio.  He reassured me that they would help me along the way when I needed it, telling me that he understood and they had a number of wheelchair users or students with a disability on the course and they were getting on well.

Once my concerns were out of the way, we looked at the items I had brought to showcase myself. The tutor listened to the radio interview I did on BBC WM on behalf of Birmingham PHAB Camps, and told me he was impressed and I had a voice for radio. I also showcased my work that I’d done including essays at university. in doing this I was able to show that I was able to study at university level.

We discussed me enrolling on the straight onto second year as I’d already done one year of a media degree. However with further discussion I decided that I would start from year one. In doing this I would be able to reinforce and put into practice what I learnt as well being able to pick up more experience. Meanwhile I was very impressed as the facilities that were available in each part of the media block which made me eager to go there.  Eagerness turned to anxiety when the tutor came to speak to me after the tour, though I felt hopeful about my chances about securing a place, I couldn’t shake of the doubt I had. To my absolute delight the tutor delivered good news and offered me a place on Media & Communications Radio for September.

Newman University was originally my first choice when I applied for university. The course was of great appeal because it was small university and the classes were held in small groups. After submitting my application to Newman University, I received a notification from the university inviting me to come for interview and view the facilities. Due to circumstances I was unable to attend the interview. When I explained my circumstances to the university they understood completely. They arranged for me to come in for a one to one chat with the tutors involved in the course, in which I showcased my work and discussed my abilities and they explained what was involved in the course and whether my skill set would fit the requirements.  After the short chat I waited and the university offered me an unconditional offer.

When I applied to De Montfort University, I decided to apply on two courses. Creative Writing and Film Studies as well as Creative Writing and Journalism. As I’d applied to two courses the waiting time for them to process my application was much longer and more strenuous.  A few weeks after submitting my application to De Montfort University I received correspondence from Creative Writing and Film Studies application saying the university has reviewed my application and they have offered me an unconditional place. When I received my unconditional offer from De Montfort University Creative Writing and Film Studies, I was pleased but I continued to feel very anxious as I was still waiting to hear back from the Creative Writing and Journalism degree at the university.

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